How Can You Use Delta 9 THC Oil For Pain Relief?

Delta 9 THC Oil

Cannabis ( Marijuana) used for pain management is as old as 5000 years. There is evidence of Egyptian, Roman, Chinese, and Greek societies using Cannabis for pain relief. The mainstream American pharmacies were selling Cannabis in the early 1910s. 

However, with time, Cannabis became a lot different. Now, there are scientific bodies and researchers to understand the effects of Cannabis. Cannabis Sativa plant, the source of 100 chemicals or Cannabinoids, is known for its possible health benefits. One of the popular cannabinoids for pain management is Delta 9 THC, popularly known as THC or Marijuana. 

So, let us understand how Marijuana might help you with pain management and how you can use it for pain relief. 


Defining Pain

To understand the possible effects of Delta 9 THC Oil on pain management, it is vital to begin decoding the term pain and how our body feels it. 

The International Association For the Study of Pain has revised the definition of pain for the first time since 1979. It gives the definition of pain as “An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with, or resembling that associated with actual or potential tissue damage.” To provide new insight into the pain, the organization took two years.

Now let us understand the process through which you feel pain. Imagine your finger gets a cut from any object. It leads to damage to tissues. The pain receptors in your skin, nociceptors, instantly register this damage. The signal from these nociceptors reaches the spinal cords through the network of nerve cells. The signal moves to the thalamus (in the brain) from these nerve cells. Then, the signals reach their respective parts. For instance, for physical sensation, signals reach the somatosensory cortex; for the thought of pain, the signals reach the frontal cortex; and for generating emotions, signals reach the limbic system.

The response from these three parts move through the nerve system, and you respond to the pain according to it. This entire process might look time-consuming, but it takes almost negligible time. In all these, where does Marijuana stand? Well, Marijuana might manipulate the response of pain receptors to decrease the sensation of pain. 

Delta 9 THC for Pain Relief

Before arthritis hit her, Alexander Callner did not like consuming Marijuana. She used to feel that only losers consume Marijuana. However, soon she became an arthritis patient, which destroyed her sleep.

She tried two over-the-counter drugs for pain but in vain. Moreover, the drugs were tough on her stomach. She mentions that the drugs made her feel nauseous. Meanwhile, she came across another solution. One of her neighbors recommended Marijuana to her. She instantly made a medical Marijuana card and tried it again. She said, “I slept through the night. Every night, I get into bed, read about an hour, take one or two puffs, and then I am off to sleep. The pain is much lighter.”

The recent opioid issues have played a significant role in increasing interest in Cannabis for pain. A study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse reveals that the country is suffering from an epidemic with many people overdosing and abusing some popular pain medications. To be precise, around 29% of pain medication users ( patients prescribed these medications) end up abusing it. In such a situation, more and more people are shifting to alternative conditions, such as Cannabis. 

Here is some research on the effects of Cannabis on Pain

  • A review from 2015 suggests that cannabinoids and Cannabis might have the potential to treat several chronic pain. The report revealed several positive results. The researchers showed that Cannabinoids might effectively work on several types of chronic pain, including nerve pain.
  • A study reports that among 17,000 cancer patients, almost 70% experienced a reduction in pain and improvement in general well-being after consuming Cannabis.
  •  In a test, chronic migraine sufferers experienced a reduction in migraine after using Cannabis.

So, Delta 9 THC oil might help in pain reduction.


Ways to Use Delta 9 THC Oil

There are several ways to include Cannabis in your life for pain relief. Here are some of the methods and their pros/cons.

  • Smoking Cannabis

Smoking Cannabis is a typical way of Cannabis consumption. It has existed in society for a long time. But with new methods coming up, it is losing its glory. The new alternatives come with a USP of being healthier than smoking. However, sometimes you need a quick joint to kick off the tiredness of a long day. 

But many factors, such as health issues or age, could restrict you from consuming joints. Here are the pros and cons of choosing smoking as a consumption method for Cannabis.

Pros: It is easy to consume and offers instant effects.

Cons: Smoking might have harmful effects on the lungs. Also, you might fail to survive the smell of joints.

  • Vaping Cannabis

A way to avoid some of the harmful effects of smoking Cannabis while getting a similar feeling is vaping. The vape culture has revolutionized the way people consume most recreational products. Instead of burning the ingredients, vaporizers only heat them to get the flavor and vapes. 

The vape market presents a wide variety of options. You can purchase a pocket-size vape to discreetly keep the vaporizer or have a big full-size pod that you can keep at home. You also get lots of flavor options. Here are the pros and cons of vaping Cannabis for pain.

Pros: Although there are safer options than vaping, it is ideal for people looking for a smoking-like experience in a healthier way. 

Cons: It is not so pocket friendly. You might need to purchase new vapes every day or recharge the old ones frequently.

  • Edibles for Pain Relief

People have believed that the solution to every problem is good food for a long time. So, what could be better than healthy food containing Delta 9 THC oil? Edibles are regular food items infused with Cannabis.

Edibles are the most accessible and easy option to consume Cannabis. However, they are not quick but take time to show effects. 

Other than this, an effective way to use Cannabis for pain is through topical creams. You might apply these creams to the affected area for relief.


While Cannabis might help with pain management, selecting the most effective way is also vital for benefits. You can either try each method and decide which gives you maximum relief. 

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