How can I open a pet shop in Dubai?

pet shop in Dubai

There has been a boom in the pet industry in Dubai. Although the majority of people in Dubai are Muslims, most of them prefer to keep cats over dogs, so there is quite a big industry in the pet industry in Dubai.

In Dubai, pets have become part of the family with time. People are now more concerned about their pets after pets are humanized. Instead of having a section for pets, grocery stores have pet shops. Immediately after pets are humanized, pet supplies are in high demand. You will learn how to open a pet shop in Dubai in this article.    

Getting started in Dubai with a pet shop:

The pet shop sells everything related to pets, from dog houses to fish tanks to cages. You’ll find essential pet supplies in Dubai such as cat food, toys, and so much more. You can also attach a walk-in clinic or adoption centre to make your business worth it and get more customers. 

Steps to start a pet shop in Dubai include: 

  • Plan your pet store business properly first. 
  • Legalize your pet shop. 
  •  After it becomes a legal entity, you’ll need to file taxes. 
  • Your bank account shouldn’t be used to manage it. Make a new bank account for your pet shop. 
  • Apply for a permit and license for your pet shop. 

Dubai Municipality Requirements for a pet shop: 

You need to keep these requirements in mind when you want to open a pet shop in Dubai. One can start a business, but to remain in business, you need to meet theserequirements. 

  • Stocking pet food from reputable sources is essential. It should be well-approved by the health department. 
  • Ensure validity of the stock from authorities. 
  • Separately store disinfectants and cleaning materials.
  • For pet food, there must be a control on temperature and humidity wherever the food is installed. 
  • Spoiled and expired products must be disposed of from the store as soon as possible. 


  • Can I sell pets in Dubai? 

Yes, one can sell pets in Dubai. The person needs to get approval from DED. He also needs NOC approval from a veterinary doctor. Lastly, he needs documents from rental services. 

  • Is it legal to sell pets in Dubai? 

Yes, it is completely legal to sell pets in Dubai. But one needs to have a license first. After that he/she can get sell pets legally in Dubai. If a person tends to sell pets without a permit, this act is considered a crime in Dubai. 

  • Which pets are allowed in UAE: 

One can have almost any pet in UAE like cats, hamsters, parrots, and even wild animals with a license. However, some breeds of dogs are banned in UAE due to religious reasons. 

  • Which dogs are illegal in Dubai? 

Due to smaller apartments and extremely larger buildings. It is difficult to keep bigger dogs in Dubai. Relatively smaller dogs are kept in Dubai. Dogs banned in Dubai include Japanese Tosa, Doberman, American Pitbull, and other large breed dogs are banned in Dubai.

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One can always open a pet shop in Dubai because with the awareness in people the demand for pets and their supply is increasing. People now consider their pets to an important member of the family. They tend to provide everything to them including food, toys small houses, and more. Hence there is a big scope for a person to open a pet shop in Dubai. One can open it by fulfilling a few requirements.

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Kamal Pandey