Hair Hacks For Styling Layered Hair


Layered haircuts are very stunning. However, they can often be challenging to style. No worries, we have gathered some expert tips on the best way to style your layered haircut. 

Layered hair is ideal for adding volume and texture to thin hair. As well, it can help control thick hair. It can feel quite frustrating at times trying to tame your layered haircut. Use the following hacks from expert hair stylists to style your layered locks.

How to Style Layered Hair

  1. Blow dry your hair: While excessive blow drying can dry out your hair, it is actually a great way to style layered hair. Wash and condition your hair as per usual. Next, blow dry your hair on a cool-setting while flipped upside down. It is best to use your fingers as opposed to a brush or comb, especially for those with curly or wavy locks. Start at your roots and continue to the ends of  your hair. Next, flip it back and blow dry until it’s almost fully dry. 

*Pro Tip 1: If you have curly or wavy hair and prefer to  use a brush, only use a boar-bristle brush to prevent frizz.

*Pro Tip 2: For straight hair, it is best to use a ceramic brush. Start with the brush underneath the desired section of hair and brush it, lifting the brush up as you reach the ends, forming a C-shape to add bounce.

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     2.  Use a volumizer: To add more volume to your layers, add a quality volumizing hair product. These are especially ideal for those with straight fine or thin hair. You can opt for volumizing powders, creams or sprays…whichever you prefer. For the best results, apply at the roots using your fingertips and work through your hair.

*Pro Tip 1: Those with dry and/or brittle hair should use a volumizing product that also moisturizes/

*ProTip 2: It is best to use a volumizer that is designed to hold for a long time to maintain the volume.

    3.  Curl, straighten or otherwise style your hair as desired: If you wish to add texture, this would be the time to use a texturizing serum or product.

4. Apply smoothing serum to avoid frizz: Take care to only use a few drops and apply from halfway down to the ends.

Tips for Caring for Layered Hair

  1. Trim your hair often: Layers tend to lose their definition and depth rather quickly which can result in split ends or frizz, depending on your hair texture. Depending on how quickly your hair grows you should have your hair trimmed every four to eight weeks. 
  2. Before your blow-dry, your hair, apply a heat protectant: As we mentioned earlier, heat can damage hair. Apply a quality heat protectant before blow-drying your hair from the middle of your hair to the tips. Blow-dry and/or style as usual. This also applies to other heat products such as hot rollers, flat irons, or curling wands.
  3. Deep condition your hair weekly: Keeping your hair hydrated is the key to healthy and shiny hair. Deep conditioning does a more thorough job than regular conditioning. Start with the midsection of your hair and work toward the ends. Let the deep conditioner saturate your hair for up to 30 minutes before rinsing it. Do this once a week to protect your hair.
  4. Use shampoo and conditioners that are rich in moisture: Depending on how frequently you wash your hair, you should use a moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner a few times a week as part of your hair care routine. Be sure to use only those products that are designed for your specific hair texture. As well, you should avoid those products that contain parabens and sulfates.

Add color to your hair to enhance the texture: We have so much freedom these days when it comes to expressing ourselves through our hair color and style. One of the best ways to accentuate your layers and make them pop is to opt for highlights, lowlights, balayage, or ombre hues. And the best thing about layers is you don’t have to worry about frequent touch-ups when it comes to color as layers are the perfect canvas for that faded or grown-out look.

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