Raised €69M in Series C Funding: Clark Germany-based digital insurance manager company

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Reinvention of insurance is the new trend. The generation of digital natives requires an entirely different insurance experience and product than what the industry currently provides. Especially in Germany, the demand for new and innovative insurance products is growing fast. In this article, you will learn about Clark, a digital insurance manager company based in Germany that has raised €69M in Series C Funding in June 2019.

Learning about Clark

This article is about a digital insurance manager company called Clark. Clark is a digital insurance company that aims to reinvent the insurance industry by providing new and modern insurance products. Their goal is to make insurance easy, understandable and a part of everyday life. Because of the company’s vision and future potential, Clark was able to raise €69M in Series C Funding in June 2019.

Why Clark?

There are a few reasons that make Clark a very interesting company. First, it is a B2B company that offers B2C products. Second, they are a very innovative company with a very modern product. Third, they have a very strong go-to-market strategy. Fourth, they have already proven their concept and have a large customer base. And last but not least, they are able to generate revenue right from the start.

Business Model of Clark

The Clark business model is very simple. Customers can get insurance directly via an app or via the website. Clark will not only offer you the product but also provide you support, explain everything you want to know and act as an advisor. Clark will be very personalized and will understand the customer’s needs by using big data and artificial intelligence. Once the customer has decided on the product and selected the premium, the money gets paid automatically by a partner insurance company. The insurance company partners with Clark and only pays the premium to the customer after the event is over. If the event does not happen, the customer will get a full refund. Clark makes money on the difference between the premium a customer pays and the premium an insurance company pays.

Why is Clark so popular?

There are a few reasons why Clark is so popular. First, it is a very modern and innovative product. It is so easy to use and understand that anybody can use it. Second, they have a very strong go-to-market strategy. They have an excellent distribution channel and partnerships with big retail brands. And third, they have a proven product that already generates revenue.

What does the future hold for Clark?

The future of Clark is very bright. They can very easily become a market leader in the insurance industry. A lot of companies and customers benefit from their product. Additionally, they already have a track record and proven concept. Clark has proved that they are able to deliver, and their investors trust them. The company has been able to raise €69M in Series C Funding in June 2019.

Summing up

Clark is a digital insurance manager company based in Germany. The company offers digital insurance products and services, such as car insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, and home insurance. In June 2019, the company raised €69M in Series C Funding. The digital insurance manager company has a strong go-to-market strategy, a proven concept, and a modern product that is easy to understand. The future of Clark is very bright.

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