Four Easy Guidelines on Selling a Used Scrap Car for Wrecking That You Need To Know

Selling a Used Scrap Car for Wrecking

When you find yourself having to sell junk car at whatever price you can get for it, it can be a very depressing situation. However, all is not lost! With a bit of knowledge and some negotiating skills, you can get some decent money for your vehicle, no matter how old or damaged it is

The good news is that there is always something worth selling on a car, even after it has been declared unusable. All you will need to do is take a trip to your local scrap yard and see what you can get.

However, this kind of deal will require you to have some knowledge of how scrap yards work, the salvage value of your vehicle, and some deft negotiating skills. Here are four easy steps that can help you:

1. Find a reputable Junkyard

The first step is, perhaps, the most crucial of them all. You need to find a scrap metal company that has a good reputation. There is a reason why crime in scrap yards has become a TV cliché and that is because, in real life, this industry has a lot of shady individuals.

However, the good and honest scrap metal dealers certainly outnumber the bad ones, so it is up to you to seek them out.

These days, getting information on a company is fairly easy if you have the internet. Take a look at some customer reviews on trusted sites, such as the Better Business Bureau to get an idea of the kind of company you are considering.

2. Get a Free Quote

You have to insist on a free quote before going any further. If the company is indeed a legitimate one, getting a quote should not be difficult and you can usually do so online.

All you will need to provide your contact information along with the details of the vehicle. In certain cases, after providing the make and model of the car, you may be asked to provide photos, so always have these ready.

However, one thing you should note is that the offer you get online is only an initial offer. The company will usually insist on doing a physical inspection of the vehicle before making you a solid cash offer.

3. Get Ready To Negotiate!

When the car has been inspected and the scrap dealer has given you an offer, do not rush to accept it without first trying to negotiate for a better price. In this case, it would help if you already know what the salvage value of your vehicle is, as well as the current prices of scrap metal.

With the right information and a few sales tactics, you can get the dealer to increase their offer and allow you to walk away with a respectable amount in your pocket.

4. Time To Get Paid!

Once the negotiations are complete, you can provide the dealer with your payment information and they will complete the sale. Always insist on full payment before the cash for car removal in perth from its current location.

Some Useful Tips

As you can see from the above steps, selling a used car for scrap is a very easy process. However, here are some tips to help you make the process even easier:

1. Sort Out Your Paperwork

Transferring ownership of your vehicle to the scrap dealer, as well as getting the agreement of sale to be signed by both parties, is the most important aspect of this deal.

As the current owner of the vehicle, you will be required to apply for a cancellation of the registration to allow the scrap dealer to be registered as the new owner if they intend to keep the car for a little while before wrecking it.

In some cases, you may also be required to remove the number plates and hand them back to the relevant authorities. 

One important thing you must remember to do is go to your insurance provider and inform them that you are no longer the owner of that vehicle and therefore you will not be paying any more premiums.

2. Scrap Metal vs. Metal Recycling

Is there a difference between a scrap metal collector and a metal recycler? This is a question you will have to ask yourself before choosing the right company. In general, the two are used interchangeably by junkyard owners.

However, while most junkyards provide both services, there is a slight difference. Scrap metal collectors are only worried about the reusable metal on your vehicle, and the prices they will offer are determined by the scrap metal market prices.

With recyclers, they first look for any valuable car components that can be sold, such as radiators and alternators. Only after stripping and selling everything of value, will your vehicle be sent for crushing.

3. Do Some Research on Prices

If you want to have the upper hand when negotiating prices, you better go in there with a little bit more than determination. You should research the price of the car as we ll as its scrap metal value.

4. Clean Out Your Car!

Just like you would clean your usable car before selling it to someone else, the same applies when you are selling it for scraps. A lot of the negotiation is based on visual inspections of the car so it will be beneficial to have it looking clean.

While you are at it, keep a look out for all valuable parts and accessories that you can sell as standalone items or use in your next vehicle. This includes things like mag-wheels, tires, custom brake pads, custom exhaust systems, GPS consoles, Speakers, entertainment units, and much more.


When done right, selling an old vehicle for scrap is not as bad as it sounds. Your vehicle is still worth more than its weight in scrap metal, as long as you can find a good scrap metal dealer and turn on the charm while negotiating.

With the tips and guidelines in this article, you will be able to walk into any Car Removals Perth and come out with a great deal for your salvage vehicle.

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