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The popularity of online platforms has increased in recent times as they provide learning facilities for students with the flexibility of time and location. Various learning management institutions are coming up with online classes. Cuemath is one such learning platform that conducts online classes for mathematics to guide students learn the basic concepts of mathematics. The effective interaction between teachers and students in the Cuemath trial classes helps to resolve doubts on any of the topics.The classes and curriculum are structured in such a way that students of any standard can gain a clear conception of the topics covered in their respective courses.

Importance of Teaching Methods

Cuemath online classes help students to learn some simple yet effective techniques for handling mathematical problems while developing their analytical and reasoning skills. It use various application-based tools and innovative methodologies to make the learning enjoyable. The students are trained in practice-based learning through the solving of various assignments. They can also track their progress from the results that help to build their confidence. The classes and teaching pedagogy are designed to create a student-friendly environment that increases engagement and facilitates effective learning. 

Cuemath Trial Classes

It offers an opportunity for students to enroll on the Cuemath website for a free learning session through Cuemath trial classes. This allows students to get a clear idea about the mode of learning, use of advanced tools, and study materials. One has to enroll with details of name, standards, etc. and gets access to online classes twice a week. Students get guidance from expert teachers on various curricula aligned with CBSE and ICSE. Cuemath trial classes cover almost all mathematics topics through problem-solving assignments that help to improve the speed and accuracy level of students. At the same time, students can identify the improvement areas which are taken care of by the teachers. It employs innovative techniques like puzzles and simulations to make learning more interesting and effective. The application of effective learning methods by Cuemath helps students develop an interest in mathematics and makes them confident to solve any type of mathematical assignment

Paralleogram: A Type of Quadrilateral

A parallelogram is a quadrilateral in which two opposite sides are parallel and equal to each other. The adjacent sides may or may not be equal and the angle formed by the adjacent sides may vary. 

Identification of a Parallelogram

The easy way to identify a parallelogram is to check that it’s both pairs of opposite sides are equal and parallel to each other. The angles formed by adjacent sides of a parallelogram can be different according to the shape of the parallelogram.

Example: Let’s consider a quadrilateral ABCD such that AB and DC are parallel and AB = DC. Again, AD and BC are parallel and AD = BC. Therefore ABCD is called a parallelogram.

Special Types of Parallelograms

Different geometrical shapes satisfy the criteria of parallelogram but are named differently depending on the dimension of sides and angles formed by the adjacent sides. These are explained as follows:

  1. Rectangle: It is a parallelogram with unequal adjacent sides and all four interior angles at 90 degrees are called a rectangle.
  2. Square: It is a parallelogram with all sides equal to each other and angles formed by adjacent sides are 90 degrees.
  3. Rhombus: This is a parallelogram in which all sides are equal but neither of the interior angles is 90 degrees.

 Important Points About Parallelogram

  • The two diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other
  • The opposite interior angles of a parallelogram are equal
  • The two consecutive angles of a parallelogram are supplementary

 Cuemath provides more detailed information about the properties of parallelograms. 

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