Best Boxer Shorts and Underwear For Men (2022)


Boxer shorts are the staple for any wardrobe and the foundation for any outfit. They’re the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at night, so why wouldn’t you take them seriously? If you kit out your wardrobe with the very best boxers there is to offer, then you have the foundations for the ultimate outfit.

However, what constitutes the perfect style for you is a different question. With so many kinds of boxers to choose from, it can take time to narrow down to your favourites. Begin by determining your needs and requirements and then invest in a top-quality brand like Bawbags. Read on as this guide uncovers everything you need to know to get the best boxer shorts.


Let’s start with the fun stuff, shall we? Boxers come in all different patterns, prints, and colours to choose from and the best bit about it is that colour can apply to all kinds of underwear, be it briefs, shorts or trunks.

Since boxers are a piece of under clothing, you can experiment with whatever colour way or pattern you want without worrying about people judging you. So get out there and experiment with unique boxers, opt for football-inspired prints, or go for a nice tartan pattern. Why not choose a cool, striking colour for a change?

There really isn’t much to say when choosing the right colour as it is just down to you. Of course, the safe option is to go for navy blue, grey, white, or black, so you can always go down that road of having a safe option. Black and grey may be the most versatile for obvious reasons. 

The Fit

This is where a true judgement of preference comes in. It is always, however, recommended that you give yourself enough room down there. Tight underwear can lead to sweat, rashes, and a generally uncomfortable experience. If you feel any tightness or constriction around the thighs, it may be time to tell yourself to go a size up.

Your men’s boxers should fit perfectly, not just for your well-being, but it’s good for general health too.

The Material

Next in line comes the material, another very important factor. There are few things worse than an uncomfortable, sweaty private area. Picking the right material will boost your comfort levels and allow for maximum performance in whatever you may be doing. It also means you don’t need to pack that extra pair of boxers to change into after a training session.

Cotton is your best friend when it comes to picking the right material for your boxer shorts. Cotton provides plenty of breathabilities thanks to the natural airiness of the material. Alternatively, any moisture-wicking fabric will do the trick. Choose something that will provide good air circulation to keep downstairs feeling fresh. 

Uncomfortable boxers are the last thing you want.

Key Styles

Onto the nitty gritty now, what design do you go for? There are generally three different kinds: boxers, briefs, and trunks, each of which provides its specialities.

Boxers are the most common underwear featuring a relatively loose fit and stretchy elastic waist. They are very diverse and come in many different styles, so if you care about fashion, you may like this option. 

The classic style offers a good level of coverage whilst giving off a closer-to-body feel. Boxers can be a blessing and a curse, and they are perfect if lounging or walking around and offer lots of space. If you are participating in any running or sport, you should avoid it.If you’re tired of headphones that are too loose or constantly slip off your head, our collection of headphones for small heads will solve that problem.

Briefs keep it simple, providing a relatively compact and supportive fit. They are the closest underwear option to speedos, and the compactness allows for limited movement down below whilst keeping everything feeling comfortable. The downside is that they require a very bold personality to pull them off and tend to show off a lot of skin. However, if you’ve been hitting the gym recently, they may be your choice.

Trunks are the perfect blend of the previous two. They are perfect for those purely looking for lounging comfortability, especially those with long legs that often feel exposed to other kinds of boxers.

To Summarise

Many men choose to skimp out when buying underwear and buy the nearest pack they can find. Alternatively, they’ll wait until Christmas comes around. But it really shouldn’t be this way.

Without comfortable boxers, the rest of your outfit won’t thrive. So take ample time when buying them; you will thank yourself later.

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