Asphalt Roofing: Why You Should Consider Using It


Asphalt shingles are fiberglass. This glass is precisely interpolated between asphalt and ceramic particles. The asphalt material renders the roof cover waterproof. Whereas, it is also the case that fiberglass provides a high-quality level of strength. Such quality and strength is an essential feature of shingle roofs. 

In the shingles, the function of the ceramic particles is to save the top covering from UV rays. Also, they help add color to the shingles. Apart from the chemical composition and solid materials of asphalt roofing, this blog post will state the additional advantages.

Versatility of Use

A big benefit of shingle roofing is that it can be used as a roof covering as a versatile solution. Form versatile solution, we mean that it can be used for many sorts of building structures. 

And it is because of the fact that numerous angles and shapes types of residential and commercial buildings can be covered using asphalt shingle roofs. Be it a cross-hipped roof or a roof of any other design, the shingles of asphalt can cover most roofing styles.

Solid and Sturdy

Another great feature of asphalt shingles is that they wield durability. The roofing should be such that it can stand against wear and tear no matter where you live. Many homeowners rightly think that it is not metal roofing that ensures superior safety, but asphalt roofing. 

The conventional-styled asphalt roofing does a great job of staying strong for years to come. Depending on the area, it can be very hot, or it can intense weather with heavy rains. The asphalt roofing is designed to resist the seeping of water and snow from penetrating the structure.

Also, the asphalt roof can last for a very long time up to 50 years without showing signs of wear and tear. The high strength is what makes asphalt roofing a great option for homeowners.

Keeps the Fungi from Growth

If you look at most of the roofing, it is easily noticeable that fungi start to grow on top with the passage of time. For example, if you look at the wooden roofs, it’s easy for the blue-green algae to grow rapidly as years go by. But, with asphalt shingles, such kind of fungi-related issues are halted.

Sound Does not Come Inside in a Loud Way

Another advantage of installing asphalt shingles as roofing is that the outside noise is halted. This is another main fact about the installation benefits of asphalt shingles. Whether it is a downpour heavy rain or storm entering the house or even road traffic – every noise comes to a very low extent.


The shingles of asphalt can be recycled and therefore, they are eco-friendly. If they were not recyclable, then they would go directly into the waste – causing more harm to the environment. The good feature of asphalt shingles is the ability to be used again. 

Homeowners do not have to worry about the environment, and they can simply remove the old roof covers and send them for recycling. The next phase is the reconstruction of shingles into other products. Moreover, the removed shingles can also be used in the construction of roads structures.

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Kamal Pandey