A Simple Guide to Accessing Different Netflix Libraries Instantly

A Simple Guide to Accessing Different Netflix Libraries Instantly

Netflix is among the giants of the streaming world; there is no doubt about it. For a long, Netflix has offered access to a plethora of fantastic movie and TV show titles. Previously, one had to rely on strict airing schedules of a cable TV service.

However, when services like Netflix came to play, one could quickly start streaming their favorite content as per their schedule.

Netflix is officially available in 190+ countries in the world. And all these countries have varying Netflix libraries. This means that you might not find certain titles in the Netflix library of another country that your country has.

However, you should not be deprived of the Netflix titles inaccessible in your country. We have a solution that can help you access those libraries from within your country. Let us explain:

Buy VPN for Changing Netflix Version

If you are not happy with the library title lineup in your region, you can always buy VPN plans to enable you to access a different Netflix version. A VPN can mask your actual IP address and substitute it with an IP from a different geo-location.

For instance, you are in the UK and want to access the US Netflixlibrary. Now, you will need to connect through a VPN service and connect to a server in the US to access Netflix US. Your virtual IP will show you sitting in the US while you will be in the UK in reality.

My country does not have Netflix At All

There are some countries in the world where Netflix is not accessible officially. People in such countries can also turn to a VPN to help them access Netflix. However, one should contact a legal professional before connecting through a VPN, as VPNs are illegal in some countries.

Can I Watch NetflixAbroad?

Yes, you can also access your personal Netflixsubscription abroad if you buy VPN subscriptions. Since Netflix does come with some geo-restrictions, you must establish a VPN connection to access your local Netflixversion. And if Netflix is not officially available in the region you are visiting, then VPNs are a must-have.

Why Do I Need to Buy VPN to Switch NetflixVersions?

As discussed above as well, Netflix is not accessible in every region. And there are regions where Netflix is not available officially. A VPN can bypass geo-restrictions which ultimately enable you to access digital content that is regionally locked.

Should I Buy VPN or Download Free VPN?

While you could download a free VPN service, we sincerely advise you to avoid it. A VPN service needs to earn revenue to survive in the industry. And if they are not charging you for a subscription, chances are that they might be selling your personal information to third parties to make up for the loss.

If you buy a VPN subscription from a reliable VPN service, you are relatively safer from this threat. Since you are being charged to use their services, they are less likely to resort to other means of generating revenue.

Is It Legal to Buy VPN?

It is legal to buy VPN subscriptions in numerous countries across the globe. However, some countries have made it illegal to use a VPN service. Thus, you should contact a legal professional and ask about the legality of using a VPN in your country before you decide to buy VPN and start using it.

All in All

Hopefully, you can now change Netflixversions conveniently. Now, it is your turn to search for and buy VPN that can help you change Netflixversions successfully. But make sure that the VPN you subscribe to offers the necessary security and privacy features before you hit the “Buy VPN” button.


  • Is it easy to change your region on Netflix?

Yes, you can easily access a different version of Netflix if you connect through a VPN service and select a different geographical region.

  • How to change my Netflixregion permanently?

To change your Netflixregion permanently, you would need to set up an account with a billing address and payment details of the region you want to set up. Whereas temporarily switching regions may be achieved with the help of a VPN service.

  • Can I use a free VPN for Netflix instead of paid VPN?

While you can access and change regions on Netflix with a free VPN, it is not the smartest thing to do. A free VPN could be selling your personal information to generate revenue. That is why one should always buy VPN rather than download it for free.

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Kamal Pandey