6 Reasons to hire a solicitor

Portrait Of Female Lawyer In Court Holding Brief And Book

Hollywood movies are not always kind to those in the legal profession. From being portrayed as crooked and corrupt to be the devil himself (looking at you, Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate), it’s understandable that people often worry about finding a good lawyer, no matter the situation. This can lead to people going without legal help in situations that call for it.

Instead of imagining a slick-haired trickster charging you for the time you didn’t use, envision Elle Woods or Lt. Daniel Kaffee fighting your corner in the courtroom instead!

Hollywood tends to wheel out lawyers and solicitors only for life or death cases. In reality, good law advice is used in all situations. We have compiled a list of the top six reasons you should hire a solicitor… Just make sure holy water does boil if it touches them before singing their contract!  

Creating contracts

Water-tight contracts are an essential part of any business, and they ensure that both the client and provider are on the same page and provide legal protections to both. While some straightforward contracts can be handled in-house, it is best to have a commercial contract expert draw up more complicated or complex documents. As a business owner, you need to know everything about your business, the intricacies of law do not necessarily fall under that remit. Don’t let a misphrased paragraph nullify a major contract; spend the time to get an expert’s opinion. 

Applying for a patent

New and innovative products can earn you hundreds, but if someone steals your idea, all that hard work will be for nothing. Patent laws are notoriously complicated, and the process of being granted a successful patent requires precise paperwork. Moreover, patent laws differ from country to country, meaning that if you plan to export your product worldwide, you will need to secure patterns in multiple countries. Hiring an expert ensures your investment is secured. 

Restructuring a business

Similarly to the fear of hiring a lawyer, no one wants to think about what will happen should their business fall into financial troubles and need to be dissolved or restructured to make it profitable. Back-up plans for when things go wrong don’t need to be frightening; they are an appropriate and positive step forward to improve the current situation. Solicitors can take on an advisory role, provide transactional support, or carry out litigation when necessary.

Lawsuits and Disputes

Let’s address the elephant in the room. A solicitor is necessary if you bring a lawsuit or are named in one. Before getting geared up to fight things out in court, be aware that it might not come to that. Solicitors do a lot of work to avoid cases coming to court. Negotiation and dispute resolution can often bring cases to a satisfactory conclusion without involving the courts. A relationship with a law firm before you need it will make the process much smoother.

Immigration advice

Immigration law is almost as complicated as patent laws! Whether you are an employer looking to bring in foreign workers or are personally needing to adjust your immigration status, the support of a lawyer can be worth its weight in gold. An experienced hand can easily guide you through the requirements and write up applications in the language, most likely to result in a positive outcome. Most people will have limited experience with immigration issues and requirements, so it makes sense to bring in the help of experienced professionals to deal with such a critical situation. 

Making or updating a will

Having plans in place for the end of your life can provide peace of mind that your family won’t be left wondering what your final wishes were. The loss of a family member is devastating, and it can become even more traumatic if there are disagreements over how an estate should be split up and shared. A clear will can alleviate this sort of tension. As your family and assets grow, it is important to update your will accordingly. A qualified solicitor will be able to guide you through the process as well as ensure your wishes are carried out. 

These are just a brief look at six reasons where the assistance of a solicitor or lawyer can prove helpful or vital. When choosing someone to work with, ask for recommendations from people you trust. You can also read up on reviews before making contact. Choose a firm that offers the services you most need, and don’t be afraid to walk away if you don’t feel you are on the same page. We hope this has helped dispel myths about lawyers being intimidating, and you are now confident in seeking legal services where you need them.  

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