6 Jewelry Trends You Must Follow this Christmas Season (2022)

Jewelry Trends

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Now that Christmas is here, you will notice that the colors red, green, gold, and silver are all sparkling brightly all around you. This is because Christmas is a magnificent time of year. You will be decked out to the nines regardless of whether you will be celebrating Christmas with your family or will be joining your friends for all the mirth and festivities that the holiday has to offer. And what better way to make your attire stand out from the crowd than by accessorizing them with some festive jewelry?

When selecting your jewelry for Christmas, you should make sure that the pieces you choose complement rather than detract from the overall look of your attire rather than the opposite. You are able to entirely convert an outfit that is relatively ordinary into something that is eye-catching and outstanding by adding the appropriate accessories. The following are some of the most popular fashion trends that are now dominating the holiday season, which you may incorporate into your existing wardrobe.

1. Bracelets made with Ruby and Gold

There are some colors that are immediately associated with Christmas, such as the red from Santa’s suit, the green from Christmas trees, the white from snow, and the gold and silver from all of the decorations that are everywhere. It should come as no surprise that donning colors associated with Christmas is currently the major trend of the holiday season. Diamonds, rubies, and emeralds will ensure that you are the most brilliant person in the room this holiday season. You always have the option of selecting jewelry made of plain gold or silver if wearing jewelry with stones is not your thing. You are welcome to try on our sophisticated bracelet made of 18-karat yellow gold and rubies, which is the epitome of the Christmas spirit.

2. Chains made of stylish gold.

Gold is a precious metal that will never go out of style; yet, this metal does take on different guises with the changing of the seasons. The year 2018 was all about simple designs and looks for jewelry, but the holiday season calls for statement styles that come in the form of chain links. When extravagance was at its height in the 1970s and 1980s, chain link necklaces were a wardrobe need for women everywhere. These chunky necklaces are the quickest and easiest method to make any outfit look more interesting and put together. You can opt for a sleek and elegant style by wearing gold chains with a white suit, or you can channel some Parisian chic by wearing gold chain links with a fitted black top and high-waisted jeans. Both of these looks can be achieved by pairing the chain links with the suit. In order to create a one-of-a-kind statement item, daring fashionistas can even try combining together various smaller chain links of different sizes.

3. Chandelier Earrings

Every woman’s jewelry box should contain at least one pair of chandelier earrings for as long as they are considered a party staple. Your outfit can have as much or as little drama as you want it to have to depend on the size of the chandelier earrings you wear. This year for Christmas, you should go all out and hunt for chandelier earrings that have colored stones to complement the colors of the holiday. For instance, our dainty gold and ruby drops contain exquisite rubies in the shape of teardrops that are set against fine gold for an appearance that is subtle yet celebratory.

4. Three-Finger Rings

This statement accessory, which can also be referred to as the triple ring, is as adaptable as it is audacious. When compared to the trendier cocktail ring or stacking rings, they provide a distinctively different appearance due to the fact that they are worn simultaneously on three fingers. Due to the fact that their designs can range from understated to spectacular, three-finger rings have emerged as the latest fashion statement in the world of jewelry. From ones that are studded with stones and curl around your finger while glimmering brightly just like tanzanite rings to ones that are uncomplicated and have clean, basic lines but exude refinement.

5. Necklaces with Torcs

Torc necklaces are the hottest new accessory to hit the market, and they have made quite an impression on people this holiday season. Torc necklaces are big rings made of metal that are strong and stiff. These necklaces can also be spelled as torque or torq. Torc necklaces are worn around the neck and embrace the wearer, as opposed to standard chains that fasten with clasps. Imagine something similar to a ring that you would wear around your neck, except it would have a sizable hole in the front. Necklaces known as torcs are constructed with many strands of metal that are twisted together; this allows the necklaces to maintain their rigidity and shape. Torc necklaces, although being a relatively new fashion trend, are among the most distinctive pieces of Christmas jewelry. When you walk around with one of these on, people will definitely be looking at you differently.

6. Oversized and Fashionable Cuffs

There is nothing gentle and uncomplicated about the Christmas season, so why should your jewelry be? Cuffs that are excessively large are a daring and dominant style that draws instant attention to the wearer’s wrists. Choose a cuff with a pattern reminiscent of tribal art or something more understated, such as a plain gold or silver one. Because of their scale, even the most basic of patterns will be highlighted in this way. When wearing statement cuffs, it is important to remember to tone down the rest of your outfit because it is possible for the cuffs to get lost when worn with a busy pattern or print. Matching a cuff with an Indian motif to your western getup is a great way to infuse your ensemble with a little bit of history. If you need more ideas, have a look at our blog post on the latest fashionable ways to wear western clothing with Indian jewelry. For a more customized design, you could even try stacking our Yin Yang sterling silver cuff with a number of different cuffs from our collection.


We hope that by the time you’ve finished perusing our list of Christmas jewelry trends, you’ll feel inspired to branch out and give something new a shot this holiday season.

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