5 Reasons To Stay In Scottsdale For Your Next Vacation

Stay In Scottsdale

If you’ve never been to Arizona, it can be a beautiful and wondrous location to take in the American West from a unique perspective. The desert can be a spiritual, mystical escape from the modern world. But that’s why Scottsdale is the perfect location: you get the best of the city and the state’s gorgeous landscape. 

Many Scottsdale vacation rental companies have taken off in recent years, partly due to the fact Phoenix is one of the fastest growing large cities in the country, and partly because Scottsdale itself is an underrated gem in Arizona. 

In this blog, we’re going to lay out five distinctive reasons why Scottsdale should be on your vacation bucket list, and why you should visit sooner rather than later. From a beautiful mountain landscape nearby to the bustling city life just a quick drive away, Scottsdale is waiting for your family’s next vacation, an excursion with your friends, or a solo trip to discover something about yourself in the desert. 

Where Is Scottsdale? 

As part of the larger Phoenix metropolitan area, Scottsdale is located northeast of the city in Arizona’s Maricopa County. The Sonora Desert is the perfect backdrop for the city’s unique charm, and one thing you won’t be missing is an excess of sunlight. Some quick facts about Scottsdale are listed below: 

  • As of 2020, Scottsdale’s population is roughly 246,000
  • Scottsdale has an elevation of 1,257 feet 
  • It’s the 7th largest city in Arizona 
  • The official nickname of Scottsdale is “The West’s Most Western Town”
  • It has the same climate as Phoenix, give or take 5 degrees annually 

5 Reasons to Visit Scottsdale 

  1. A Desert Oasis 

In and around the Scottsdale and larger Phoenix area, there are countless trails perfect for hiking, trail walking or running, mountain biking, or almost any other outdoor activity you can think of. With just 30 minutes of travel outside the city, you’ll find yourself swept away by the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. 

There are Jeep adventure tours, hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, offroading for cars and trucks, and more at the ready for outdoor lovers. Plus, catch a blood orange sunset or sunrise at any of the nearby Pinnacle Peak, Thompson Peak, or the McDowell Mountains. Enjoy the ability to escape the metro area and not be overwhelmed by the city life of Phoenix. 

  1. A Bustling City Life 

Whether you decide to hit the Scottsdale downtown or make the quick trip to Phoenix, the area provides an overabundance of attractive city life things to do, from clubbing to enjoying fine cuisine and just marveling at the city lights. 

The Valley of the Sun is home to the major professional sports leagues in the area, including the Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury, and Phoenix Coyotes. Having a major metropolitan city close means you can enjoy the competitive fun of professional sports after enjoying a dinner in the city. If you want, catch a show or concert afterward at any of the venues between Phoenix and Scottsdale. 

  1. A Golf Lover’s Dream

Scottsdale is largely heralded as one of the best golfing cities in the United States. With year-round access to the city’s beautiful golf courses courtesy of the favorable weather that’s always present, golfers can hit the green any time of the year for some of the best golfing in the west. The sun comes up early and sets late, giving you plenty of time to plan your golf outings around the rest of your vacation. So don’t worry about not making it to the course while the family is on vacation as well. There’s something for everyone in Scottsdale. 

There are over 200 golf courses in the area, making Scottsdale in the running for the best area in the country to tee off. 

  1. Perfect For Parties 

Whether your vacation is for your birthday or a bachelorette party, Scottsdale is the perfect playground for taking a load off and enjoying your vacation in luxury. There’s no shortage of spas, pools, casinos, and bars to tackle any party aspect you’re searching for. There are also professional sporting events to attend with your guy friends for a bachelor party, as well as Top Golf, actual golf, and top restaurants to enjoy some desert cuisine. 

Get all the fun of Vegas without feeling overwhelmed by the city or risking losing all your money. Scottsdale can be whatever type of vacation you want, no matter how luxurious or subtle. Relax or party in paradise. 

  1. The Southwest’s Premier Shopping Hub

As much as Scottsdale is known for its beautiful desert landscapes and golf courses, shopping is a signature quality as well. Scottsdale Fashion Square has all the best designer clothes and outlet shops, and can help you take home a fun souvenir from your stay. 

Plus, with an overabundance of outdoor malls and shopping centers, you don’t have to sacrifice a day of sunshine for a day of shopping. You can have both. Plus, in a largely walkable city, you can spend your whole day exploring and shopping in beautiful weather. 

Bonus Reason: A Beautiful City of Art & Architecture

Scottsdale is not just a Wild West destination; it’s also a hub for artistic expression and culture. Try visiting the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art to realize Scottsdale is a bona fide city for all types of art and people. Or, if you want to be more on brand, visit the Museum of The West. 

Either way, Scottsdale can be educational and inspiring through its art and architectural scene. Visit Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home and school for more than two decades. It’s a unique way to time travel into an innovative architectural era and see the city through Wright’s eyes. 


Scottsdale is the perfect city to explore the west for the first time. Visit VacayAZ to find the perfect place to stay. Its central location allows you to explore Arizona easily, taking in all it has to offer from both a city and landscape perspective. It’s smaller than Phoenix, but not too small. It has a lengthy history and list of attractions, from professional sports teams to enjoying nearby mountains and desert views. 

In short, it’s a highly recommended location, and the perfect place to experience The Grand Canyon State for the first time. 

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