2022 trendy clear glass shoes for women guidance


In 2022 clear heels for women are world famous and in fashion. Ignoring them will be a big mistake for fashion freaks. It has been on and off trend. Many famous designers have made their version of clear heels and introduced as new fashion.

These shoes were introduced in business at 1993 but were originated in 1947 by Salvatore Ferragamo. Following him the most iconic, famous, and loved clear Cinderella sandals were shown in 1961

Famous personalities in clear heels

You can notice different famous celebrities and personalities like Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian flaunting their clear heels at different occasions and spots with different dressing styles.

 You can see Simone Biles wearing at MTV video music, Cristina Ricci at Calvin Klein, Gigi hadid in Yeezy season 2, Hayden Panattiere on the red carpet, Kendal Jenner in L.A and much more. Even different brands like Prada, Dsquared2, Fendi had clear heels trending for some time clear heels for women.

Women love to wear clear heels with different outfits. Somehow these heels give you completely different look. These are unique, more modern and attractive as compared to other formal heels. They obviously make you flaunt more confident and powerful, feminine vibes.

 What are Clears shoes made of?

Clear shoes are usually made of high quality PVC, polycarbonate, and Lucite plastic. Sometimes also neon colors are added to make them look more unique and eye catchy.

An illusion

There is also one more interesting fact about clear shoes that they are actually sort of illusion which makes your legs look more longer and attractive. The transparent strap of shoe looks like it is going down and down and down although the leg is not tall enough.

Different types of clear shoes offered by the market:

There are many forms of clear shoes. Any shoe with clear front strap, platform, or heels are considered to be clear shoes. These shoes are usually as wedges, heels, chunky blocks, pumps, etc. Although some trending clear heels in 2022 are clear strap heels, clear block heels, clear high heels, clear platform heels, clear heels sandals, clear wedge heels. Clear shoes are also called strippers shoes or invisible shoes.

How to wear them with our outfits?

You can wear them easily with any sort of outfit. It will puts its role to make each look more prominent, flashing and modern. But for your assistance here some dresses you should consider wearing with these shoes:

  • You can were clear heels with your Slip dresses, with fitting pants and shirt, with Blazers, with your silk dress, shorts, skirts, jumpsuit. It will look best with all black look or if you wear them with casual it will make you look more modern.


So, that’s all basic and important information gathered in one platform for the ease our audience. If you want one pair for yourself then click on the link provided in the article. We did worked hard so if this helped you in any way; do comment and appreciate us!!

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