10 Unique and Beautiful Tattoo Designs for Girls

Tattoo Designs

“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” – by Johnny Deep.

As rightly said by Johnny, tattoos are such form of art which can tell you a lot about a person inside and out. It is kind of a story which you want to tell forever. It is a message that you want to show the world. 

So, making choices while getting tattoo is a very important part. They require ample amount of thinking, based on your personality, your attitude and something that tells defines you as “You”.

There are many different types of tattoos from small as a dot to a full hand or chest tattoo. Small and cute tattoos are a forever look to go with. There are certain tattoos which depicts you as bold, fierce and strong and some as cute and calm.

Wondering what to get inked for? We have got you covered.

Unique tattoos can be of various kinds, from having a single dot to flowers, quotes, aesthetics, geometries, animals, idols, names and what not. But to choose the right one for you, is what this article is going to help you about.  

Quotes on arms and shoulders

Quotes on arms and shoulders isan usual way of showing off your personality.

 A quote which is close to your heart or which describes your life or a certain/ major part of your life can be inked.

 Extremely long quotes on hands sometimes may look a little messy but short and sweet quotes describing you could be the one for you!

Geometric designs

Small geometric designs are a way of showing neatness and sharpness of you. It may also depict your inclusitivity.

Also, sometimes geometry may also represent a religion, cult, spirituality etc.

Animal prints and footprints

Those animal lovers and pet lovers, this one is a total worth it. Those cute little paws and fine prints make it worth. 

It represents the special place you have for your pet especially dogs and cats.

Travel tattoos

People who are wanderlust as well as love to travel around world, this tattoo design is something you should go with. 

Girls also choose certain destination names which are close to their hearts as they might be born there or have an amazing memory or an incident of that place might be a cue to get that inked.

Birthdate Tattoo

Birthday tattoos are a new trend right now. Especially girls get this tattoo done with their loved ones birthday on their arms or shoulders.

You can get this tattoo for someone you may have lost or for someone who is really close to your hearts. This kind of tattoo always keeps the memory of that person alive with their memories and a lot more.

Music Instruments

For music artists and a music enthusiast, this kind of tattoo embraces the beauty and passion for their work and their art.

It describes the beautiful journey of your art and from where you started. It is iconic and becomes symbolic.


Different symbols may represent vivid parts of your life. 

These little cute designs may depict something you believe in, something you long for and a little insight of your motto towards life and your beliefs as well as aims of your life.

A small symbol may be a good idea for getting the next tattoo.

Flowers (Aesthetic floral designs)

Different flowers represent ideas of life. Rose, represents love, lilies and     sunflowers may represent sunshine and hope of life. 

Different aesthetic flowers characterise nature, beauty, serenity and a profound love for eternity. 


Back tattoos for women containing religious idols are also a way of depicting your cultural appropriation. Quotes and pictures of gods show your love and faith and belief towards them. 

It also shows that superiority, control over the people as well as it also shows the impact of the particular god over world and over your life.

Bracelet and Anklet Tattoo

Tattoos with bracelet and anklet are an iconic piece of statement. A chic, elegant tattoo with a beautiful design would be the cherry on the cake. 

Different pieces of jewellery and pieces would add an unique style and one could add pieces according to one’s ease.

Choosing a tattoo with a chic, elegant and personality oriented would be adored and embrace your inner beauty. This article covers unique and beautiful tattoo designs for girls. 

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