What You Stand to Gain with Engineering Internships

Engineering Internships

Engineering internships are a major aspect in the transition of engineering student to full-time or professional engineer. These interns are usually students or recent graduates.

These internships are temporary work placements that provide hands on experience in the desired field. These internships are mandatory for engineering students to partake in, internships are usually undertaken during the last semester of their undergraduate program.

Students who partake in these internships have an increased chances of being noticed by her employers, these students are privy to 12 to 16 months of paid work.

Internships can be embarked on locally or globally and they can stick with one employer or combine consecutive short-term placements to complete the internship experience.

Duties Of an Engineering Intern

The major duties of engineering interns vary from company to company but they usually include generating reports.

They also analyze budgets, reaching out to clients for updates and general follow up and providing project recommendations and improvement.

Types Of Engineering internships

The engineering spectrum is very broad and as a student and a prospective intern you would need to narrow down your specialization.

Also depending on what you studied in school and most of the time what you choose will determine what you end up doing during the course of your internship.

Here are some of the major types of engineering and its internships.

  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering.

Importance Of Engineering Internships

These internships provide opportunities for engineering students to apply their theoretical knowledge in the field and this in return provides valuable work experience for the students.

It helps eliminate a very common issue that students face when they eventually apply for jobs after they complete their studies.

While education provides vital skills and knowledge, engineering internships enhance those skills while providing a means for application and here are some of the key importance of engineering internships:


The acquisition of experience cannot be emphasized enough in the case of engineering internships.

This is because in this particular field experience breeds confidence and vice-versa. Students need to have on-site experience in a real working environment.

Professional Networking:

Internships are a prime source of making professional connections which is a valuable resource to students and young engineers.

These networks help students foster meaningful relationship with fellow professionals which most of the time result in references or recommendations for future job roles and acquisition. 


Irrespective of what kind of engineer you plan on becoming, an engineering internship will ensure you develop the practical skill and foster the necessary relationships to succeed.

Engineering Internships are a vital aspect of becoming an engineer that should not be overlooked.

These internships serve as a means of polishing up their theoretically acquired skills and transmuting them into practical abilities.

 These internships are a phase for students to broaden their engineering spectrum and come into a full realization of what they want to specialize in and what sort of engineer they want to become.

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