What is the relationship between sleep and mental health?

sleep and mental health

Mental and physical health simultaneously are the most crucial aspects of your existence. Are you interested in knowing which factors can aid you in achieving an optimum lifestyle? Today, we’ll go through some of the most vital aspects of life that could affect your mental health.

Importance of Sleep

After a tiring day of exhausting chores replenishing your energy is something you need to anticipate when you have returned to your home. If you don’t do this you might not be able to perform at a high level or be fully engaged in the work of future activities.

The need to sleep for a certain amount of time according to your body’s requirements can increase your productivity and reduce the chances of developing illnesses. With better sleep you can also improve the rate of metabolism which will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed the next day. If you are not able to resolve your sleeping issue by yourself then immediately take advice from the Best Psychiatrist near me in your area and take online counselling to resolve your issue.

Lack of Sleep in Teens

Teenagers aren’t getting enough rest these days and this could have a negative long-term impact on their mental health. There are many causes of the lack of sleep among students in high school and colleges and these comprise: 

Extensive schoolwork

Technology and its use

After-school activities


Each of these instances are social factors that influence the schedule of sleep, however there are many natural events like:

Body hormones

Exposure to light

Disorders of the mind, like insomnia, can affect the schedule of sleep for individuals.

Students in high schools and colleges are juggling a lot of chores, especially homework, assignments, and projects. Students tend to put off their work for a long time. The work assigned can be difficult leading to demotivation and causes them to delay tasks until the very final minute to finish. It also affects sleep as completing assignments late at night, before the due date or getting up early to finish them may reduce one’s sleep time.

Parents should take care in situations where their child  may face certain sleep disorders. It is always advisable for them to seek help from the best psychiatrist near me in the area take online counselling for their child’s good mental health. 

How Does This Affect Mental Health?

In the majority of cases mental fatigue is caused due to lack of sleep. Night sleep is a recharge device for the brain and, without it, the emotional control can be loosened. If an individual does not get enough sleep, certain areas of their brain don’t develop or function as they should. This leads to mental health issues like anxiety, depression and so on. This causes insomnia to become more severe. While facing such problems they should visit a Best psychiatrist near me in the area to take Best online counselling to resolve such issues. 

It is often seen that sleep deprivation causes mental health issues and in turn mental health issues may also lead to sleep deficiencies. To prevent this cycle, make sure you are getting enough sleep.

Data & Statistics

The recommended amount of time to sleep for every age group includes:

Babys (0-4 months) : 14-17 hours

Toddlers (4-24 months) : 10-14 hours

Children (3-5 years old) :10- 12 hours

Children (6-12 years old) :  9-11 hours

Teenagers (13-17 years old) : 8-10 hours

Adults and young adults (18-60 years old) : 7 hours for young adults and Adults (18-60 years).

Adults who are older (61or more) 7-10 hours

Ways to Improve Your Sleep Schedule

It’s not too late to change your behavior to care for yourselfr. Improve your sleeping habits and mental health  by following these suggestions:

1. Drink liquids in the form of warm milk, cherries tea, chamomile tea, etc.

2. Meditation is an effective method of relaxation that can help relax the mind.

3. Beware of substances that could stimulate your brain like caffeine.

4. Beware of using the internet at night. It’s a huge distraction.

5. You can finish your work quicker in the course of the day and enjoy the advantage of stopping   the tasks that are causing disruption to your sleeping schedule.

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