What is the Difference Between a Pillow-Top and a Euro-Top Mattress?

What is the Difference Between a Pillow-Top and a Euro-Top Mattress?

Pillow-tops are the plush comfort layer found on top of new mattresses. These layers are typically 1 to 4 inches thick and offer additional comfort and cushioning. These mattresses are ideal for people who want a plush sleep surface in the beginning.

Pillow-Tops Are Softer

There are two types of pillow top mattresses: the traditional pillow top and the euro top. The conventional pillow top consists of a thick layer of foam sewn to the top of the mattress. The euro top has padding underneath it that fits flush with the top of the mattress. The euro top is softer than the pillow top but is more durable. Both pillow top and euro top mattresses are ideal for people with back pain or neck pain.

Pillow-Top mattresses are the best choice for sleepers who like a soft feel while still needs firm support. Because the pillow top mattress is made of a softer material, it prevents the mattress from sagging excessively, which can affect your spine alignment. In addition, pillow tops are great for side sleepers and those who have sharp pressure points.

The biggest difference between pillow-tops and euro-tops lies in the materials used to make them. Euro-tops are more durable than pillow tops because of the stitching beneath the cover. However, the edges of pillow-tops are flimsier and more likely to sag, making them less stable.

Euro-Tops Are Denser

Unlike pillow-tops, which have a thin layer of foam underneath, Euro-Tops are thick and are designed to be more supportive and durable. They are typically made of foam or fiberfill. Because of this, they tend to feel firmer around the edges and more cushioned in the center.

Euro-Tops have a denser construction, and tend to be more expensive than pillow-tops. They are also flush with the mattress cover, so they are more supportive and durable. Furthermore, they absorb motion much better than pillow-tops do. This makes them a great option for couples, who tend to toss and turn during the night.

When deciding between pillow-tops and euro-tops, it is important to consider the density of each material. Euro-Tops are generally denser than pillow-tops, but the density of the pillow top layer affects temperature regulation. Since a pillow top is not a natural part of the mattress, it does not regulate heat as well as a Euro-Top. Therefore, pillow-tops are more suited for those with an average or healthy BMI. A pillow-top mattress is also a good choice for people living in cold climates.

They Provide Additional Support

Pillow-Tops and Euro-Top mattresses offer additional support and comfort for your back. They are ideal for people who have back pain, orthopedic problems, or just want additional padding. But before you purchase a new mattress, consult with your doctor to determine the best type for you.

Pillow-top mattresses offer additional support and padding on top of the mattress. Pillow-tops are especially beneficial for side sleepers, because they contour the pressure points and reduce pressure. However, these mattresses are less durable than euro-tops and may not be suitable for people who are heavier. They also tend to sink, so you may want to choose a firmer sheet to protect yourself.

Euro-tops are better at providing edge support than pillow-tops, but they often have less plush overall. Euro-tops also tend to last longer than pillow-tops, but they may be more expensive.

They Are More Durable

Euro tops have a stronger, more secure foundation than pillow-tops, which means they can stand up to more abuse. Because they’re made with more durable materials, euro tops are usually more expensive. They also tend to offer a higher level of cushioning, but they’re firmer at the edges and less plush overall. If you’re buying a new mattress, you’ll probably want to go with a Euro-top mattress.

Pillow-top mattresses are generally softer than euro tops, which makes them more comfortable for side sleepers. However, they don’t offer as much support as a euro top, which is best for people who need extra support. Additionally, pillow tops don’t last as long, meaning they will flatten out sooner than euro tops. As such, they may not be the best option for heavier individuals.

Pillow-Tops are made of a soft, fluffy top layer that is sewn onto the mattress. This layer is often made of wool or memory foam, while a Euro top has a thin, firm cushioned top. They can be made from various materials, including wool or down, but the most common material is foam. Also they are available in all mattress sizes including the king size and the queen size mattresses


While both pillow top and euro top mattresses are firm and supportive, there are some distinct differences. Euro top mattresses are more dense and tend to last longer than pillow tops. Pillow tops tend to flatten out over time, creating an uneven sleep surface.

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