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NewYork is a very much loved holiday destination, and for anyone planning a trip to the city, knowing the city’s major airports is crucial. The city has three major airports, namely: LaGuardia (LGA), John F. Kennedy International (JFK), and Newark Liberty International (EWR). While all these are equally great, it depends on the airline and boarding destination of the passenger to figure out which New york flight will suit them the best. 

Unlike other cities, the weirdest thing is that it’s not just a subway ride to the airport for NewYorkers. All three of these are located in different corners of the city, and traveling can become a task, especially during peak hours. Thus getting to know the airports, locations, and facilities seems best. 

Let’s go ahead then and discover what’s there to know. 

Newark Liberty International Airport

One of the city’s three major airports is Newark – which is easily and cheaply accessible for those staying in west Manhattan. This option is also relatively more time-investing and expensive for those coming from Queens or Brooklyn side. 

One way to reach the airport is via New Jersey Transit – you have to find updated details of the running train and the boarding station and reach there on time. It will cost you some $15 and 30 minutes to reach between midtown Manhattan and Newark Airport. 

The airport also runs its own shuttle service that offers both round-trips and one-way trips. You can get the same from midtown Manhattan to whichever terminal of Newark you need to reach. For round trips, one will be charged anywhere around $30; for one-way trips, the same fare goes down to $17. On a good day with less traffic, one can expect to complete the journey in about 45 minutes. 

There isn’t any specific charge we can quote you for those wishing to cover the distance via a taxi. However, on average, it can cost anyone $50 -$70; however, the same can skyrocket the minute demand goes up or traffic increases on the roads. 

For those willing to opt for Newark car service, the only effort is to download the app for the same and request a ride. One of the free drivers at the airports will be allotted your request, and within minutes you can expect your ride to arrive at whichever terminal you are. 

LaGuardia Airport

The second of the major airports in New York City is the LaGuardia Airport. The same is considered a more feasible option for domestic travelers, and almost all major airlines like American Airlines and JetBlue operate from there. The word in the market is the airport has been renovated quite recently, and the same look just amazing now. 

It is also the most feasible and closest option for anyone who is staying near northern Brooklyn or upper/midtown Manhattan. It’s some 8 miles from there and depending upon the traffic; it will take only 20-30 minutes to get there. More importantly, it will be a comfortable trip since you’ll be able to get a cab there. 

This is how we remember that reaching there via public transport can take a toll on you. It’s because you will have to take a bus there. It’s the most feasible way to reach there; we can not help it. You can research about the latest updates on routes and timing and boarding stations, the fares, however, are very cheap, and it will hardly cost you $2-3 for the same. 

From the airport, it can cost you anywhere around $30 to $50 to reach Manhattan. Again the same is flexible, and every time the demand for taxis rises, the prices rise too, which is not something anyone can change. Also, when traveling via taxi in the city, ensure you keep account of toll charges and tips because that’s an expense too for you. 

The car service of the LaGuardia Airport is terminal based, and the convenience of the driver finding you might not be available here. However, the system is terminal based, and it’s usually easier to find the drivers based on the requests on your app than it is portrayed. All you have to do is call and coordinate. 

John F. Kennedy International Airport

It is another one of the major airports in New York; interestingly, more than 70 flights take off from the airport and land there, including some international flights too. This airport is most easily accessible to those living near Lower Brooklyn or Eastern Queens. 

Most travelers prefer this airport because of its convenience, like lounges, shopping outlets, and even dining alternatives. 

The easiest way to reach the JFK airport is to get there via public transportation. You can do the same via two alternative options. In both cases, you will have to board the AirTrain; first, that can cost you anywhere around $7-8. From there, you can either take an LIRR or hop on a subway. Both options will be pocket-friendly and easy for you, so whichever suits you better, you should go with that. 

The best thing about JFK is that it is the only airport in Newark that offers standard charges to travelers no matter where they travel from in the entire Manhattan. You will be charged anywhere around $50-56, which obviously varies depending upon the traffic and demand of the service. The prices, however, are not inclusive of taxes, polls, and tips which might increase the overall expense a bit, so be mindful of that. 

Unlike the other two airports, meeting passengers and the driver is not that complicated at JFK. You must download the app, enter your details, and just request a cab. After that, once the same is confirmed, you will easily find your ride at the arrival level of each terminal. You can also ask the staff for assistance in the same. 

Hopefully, we have answered all your queries relating to these three major airports of the NewYork city. We believe it was important information to pass on; hopefully, k2tickets helped you as much as we think. 

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Kamal Pandey