Notwithstanding the abundance of places to relax in the summer, the most successful would probably be a trip to a water park. In hot weather, when there is not a cloud outside, and the asphalt on the road is already melting, swimming in water slides is what you need, especially if you have children, who will be delighted with this vacation. Almost all of these resorts are equipped with numerous attractions for all ages, pools with artificial wave creation, such as surfing and the possibility of hotel accommodation, for a long rest.

Consequently, in this article, we’ve compiled the best water parks in the USA that are sure to satisfy the needs of any seeker. Read on to find out.

1.   Discovery Cove

The initiator of the creation is the company «SeaWorld», inspired by the fabulous scenery of deserted islands, which founded the great water park in the USA on the theme of a tropical island paradise, where in such «costly» city as Orlando (Florida) for relatively low price (just over $200) you can get a VIP package, which includes: swimming with dolphins, diving with a breathtaking view of tropical marine life, and visiting the aviaries with rare species of birds. Withal, you will be offered an overnight stay in an exquisite hotel room with meals on the known system «all incl.».

  • 2.    Rapids Aqua park

This water park is designed mainly for children.  There you can see a wide network of not too high water slides, as well as a long but calm river on which you can casually travel and think about the meaning of life. The complex itself is an hour and a half drive from the city, so Miami car rental under 25 will be most convenient. Many people, going to work, often come here to take a rest and distract from their problems. This well-known establishment is one of the most famous water parks in the USA for children in terms of cost to quality ratio of its services is nothing worse to many of the major players in this market.

3.    Lego land Water Park

A special feature of this park is the fact that it is made in the style of the famed Lego constructor, from which you can build mini-boats straight while swimming in the river. There is a large central pool, where you can touch the legendary Cavora Hill, which is about 9 meters high. Moreover, the park has a special section dedicated to the study of paleontology, chiefly the study of the history of dinosaurs in an approachable form for children. It is located in Carlsbad, California.

4.    Noah’s Ark Aqua park

Located in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. This establishment is among the top 10 biggest water parks in the USA and is considered one of the world’s largest water rides, including the greatest cobra castle at about 11 meters high. The main attraction of this place is the play called “The Rapid Flood”, as well as a large waterfall. Therefore, we can say that this particular place is beyond any competition.

5.     Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

This insane amusement park is located in Jackson, New Jersey. The total area is about 200 thousand m2, where twelve rides are located. Among them, the most popular is the «Big Wave Racer», which has six water tunnels through which water passes at high speed. Another crazy attraction is the «Tornado», which is a whirlpool of water 18 meters wide with over 400 m³ of water. Thus, based on the above, this establishment belongs to the extreme water parks in the USA, which any visitor will confirm. 

6.       Volcano Bay Universal

This aqua park opened back in 2017 in Orlando, Florida. The main originality of this place is the high artificially created volcano, which is a symbol of this site. The park has about two dozen different attractions, approach to which becomes feasible only after the buy of a special bracelet, which among other functions acts as a multifunctional smartwatch (ordering dishes, access to a personal rack, showing the waiting time in line for the attraction etc.). A great, calm river runs around the volcano, and a little waterfall drops from the peak of the volcano. The biggest attraction can be used by six visitors at a time, which is great for team games or competitions.

7.          Sandcastle

Built on the site of an erstwhile forsaken railroad depot in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There are many low water slides and shallow pools for children, and a great mushroom-shaped waterfall in a deep pool in the center of the complex. A new attraction based on the free-fall principle is scheduled to open soon.

8.        Adventure Island

This water park is placed in the city of Tampa, Florida. The area of the establishment is more than 120 thousand square meters, where the water tracks for the race are placed.  All the buildings on the island are made in an exquisite snail style. For the fanciest of more laid back adventures, there is a wide river with an unforced current.

9.         Grape land

This public aqua park is placed in the city of Miami and is glorious for its big quantity of playgrounds, slides and rides with a maritime theme, namely piracy, ships and sunken pirate treasure. For adults, abyssal dives for scrutiny of the remains of shipwrecks are accessible there. To get there as soon as possible, you better car rental Miami, as it will not be too costly and in convenient conditions. As well, there is a recreational and renewal area for both adults and children. Entrance to the territory is really cheap (about $15).

10.       Tidal Cove

This pompous park boasts a pool of about 400 m² and an 8-meter fortress with a lot of water slides. For adults there is a special VIP zone with two distinguished restaurants, a spa and a pool that creates waves for surfing. The establishment is situated in a fairly remote area from the center, so we recommend not wasting your time and car rental Miami, Florida. It is worth noting that the entrance to the territory is enough costly, so decide on your budget in advance.


So, when you decide to use the services of water parks, it is better to choose a place according to your financial solvency and needs. For example, if you prefer extreme, then the institutions with high slides and water swirls will suit you, if you advantage peace, and you came with children, then give preference to low slides and a calm flow. When you make a decision to take a vacation, then you’d better pay attention to the expensive establishments with restaurants, hotels and beauty salons. View a full list of the best water parks there, and view another top ten list hither.

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