Portable Toilet Near Me: What Are the Benefits of Portable Toilets?


The global portable toilet industry had a value of over 17 billion in 2020. You may have seen those brightly-colored portable stalls outside construction sites, fairs, and concerts.

“But what’s the big deal, and why would I want a portable toilet near me?” You may ask. After all, you’ve heard all the complaints about portable toilets, and you know how nasty and awful they are.

Why would you ever consider a portable toilet rental? Well, “portable toilet nastiness” is all up to perception.

We’ll discuss why you’d want to reconsider your stance in this portable toilet guide. Here’s why you should consider portable toilet rental.

What Is a Portable Toilet?

A portable toilet (porta-potty, porta-john, or portaloo) is any variety of toilet that’s mobile. A single person can move some, and others are movable by truck.

You can find porta-johns employed in a variety of situations. Concerts, fairs, and construction sites are just a few popular areas portable toilets inhabit. Portable toilets don’t connect to septic tanks or municipal sewage systems.

There are many kinds of portable toilets:

  • Chemical toilets
  • Composting toilets
  • Container-based toilets
  • Incineration toilets
  • Freezing toilets
  • Bucket toilets

Yes, a bucket can serve as a portable toilet. However, the porta-potties we’re focusing on here are those seven to eight-foot-tall, brightly colored models you’d see at a construction site.

If you’re wondering how much a portable toilet costs, here’s a resource on porta john costs you can use to estimate how much you’d spend.

Are Portable Toilets Disgusting?

How clean your portable toilets are depends on how clean the supplier keeps their toilets. Here is the first of our portable toilet tips, do some research on whoever is supplying your porta-potties.

Generally, a reputable supplier won’t hand off filthy toilets because that’s bad business. Never consider portable toilet rental from a supplier that’s got bad reviews or is known to hand off unclean toilets.

All-in-all, the state of the porta-john is up to the renters and end users. End users need to keep the mobile toilets as clean as possible for each other.

Why Should You Consider Portable Toilet Rental?

One reason to consider portable toilet rental is convenience. Secondly, having bathrooms nearby is easier for people who have trouble walking long distances.

A portable toilet is also more cost-efficient and faster than building extra restrooms for public events. You won’t need to worry much about your budget and won’t require building permits, either.

Portable toilets are environmentally-friendly. Instead of water, portable toilets use chemicals and other methods to mitigate foul odors. There are flushable porta-potties, but they’re designed to use minimal water.

Where’s the Cheapest Portable Toilet Near Me?

Want to know, “why would I want a portable toilet near me?” The answer mostly has to do with cost-effectiveness, convenience, and environmental- conservation.

If you found this portable toilet guide helpful, we’ve got plenty more informative articles like this one. Check out our “recent posts” or “trending” section for more helpful advice.

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