Places to visit in Navratri

Places to visit in Navratri

One of the most revered Indian holidays is Navratri, during which most people fast for nine days. Because it is time to celebrate the coming of Durga, the unstoppable warrior goddess revered throughout India, the most incredible destinations to visit during Navratri are beckoning the travelers in us. Some locations come alive during this autumnal Hindu festival all around the nation. All the locations that are reachable from Delhi, Mumbai, or Kolkata have been compiled, along with some suggestions on what to do there. You are one click away from taking the journey you have been waiting for to enjoy the best Navratri celebrations around India. Now you can also send Navratri gifts to Kolkata to your relatives and friends who live there. 

The start of our nation’s festival season usually occurs in October. This month hosts many of the most prominent and colorful festivities. Autumn has finally arrived, which means it’s time to get ready for Winter, the most enchanting and lovely season of the year. When it comes to holidays, Navratri is one of the most anticipated and popular celebrations in October. The public celebrates the nine-day celebration in various ways, through multiple forms and procedures. But the willingness to unite and show respect for one another to enjoy it is something that all share. Opt for online gift delivery in Bangalore and even send gifts to India from the USA to enjoy this festival.

Best locations to visit during Navratri

  1. Kolkata, West Bengal

One of the traditional Durga Puja celebrations is available in Kolkata. You can only truly understand the charm of Durga Puja by traveling to the “city of joy” during that time. The big idol-themed pandals and delectable meals have the potential to be the most thrilling aspects of the vacation. The event is celebrated in the rich Bengali tradition with colors, prayers, lights, music, dancing, and mouthwatering food. It is indeed a spectacle to behold. The celebration is enormous and significant because they view Goddess Shakti’s coming as the daughter returning to her father’s home. The last day of their nine-day festival, which features dances from every aspect of their traditional past, is dedicated to Durga Visarjan. You can send Navratri gifts to Kolkata with your relatives and friends who visit there.

  1. Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Since Navratri is Gujarat’s most important event and Ahmedabad is the new center for festive activities, Jalsa is certain to occur. This festival is being prepared for in a way that is unmatched anywhere else. These nine days feel like a resurgence of fresh, youthful vitality. The splendor, rituals, and lights make you feel satisfied and hypnotized. Ahmedabad does come alive with enthusiasm and joy. Navratri is lively because people of all ages enthusiastically participate in dandiya and Garba Raas. Not only is Garba the main draw, but also traditional Gujarati foods like thepla, khakhra, and dhokla. Must-visit locations include Navakhi Ground, Laxmi Vilas Palace, and Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway.

  1. Surat, Gujarat

In Surat, Navratri is one of the year’s most thrilling festivals. To experience the best holiday season, many visitors from abroad join the festivities. During these nine days of Navratri, the Diamond City sparkles and glistens to provide the most breathtaking scenery and thrilling celebration. Numerous cultural events run till late at night and provide an extraordinary glimpse into these nine days. The city is exquisitely illuminated and wonderfully decorated. People from all around the world get together to dance as a devotion to Goddess Shakti during each club and society’s Garba program. The Surat Indoor Stadium Navratri Celebration, among other places, is a significant tourist destination.

  1. Ramleela Maidan, Delhi

During Dusshera, Delhi has one of the most exciting and theatrical festivals. Every part of the city hosts several Ramlila and puja pandal celebrations. There are other locations where tiny statues of Ravana, Megnath, and Kumbkaran are erected, but the Ramlila Maidan is home to Delhi’s most significant monument. The grand celebration of Ram’s victory over Ravana attracts thousands of visitors from all around India. Aside from Chittaranjan Park, which serves as a miniature version of Kolkata, Ramlila Maidan is where the most prominent Ramlila performances are held.

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  1. Mumbai, Maharashtra

Another vital holiday center is Amchi Mumbai, which offers musical evenings, vibrant grounds, bustling streets, and unusual smells. It appears that the entire city of Mumbai is celebrating Goddess Shakti’s visit and stay. Every crevice and nook seems to be brimming with customs, colors, lights, and celebrations. The festival of Navratri is celebrated in style by more than 200 communities in the city of dreams. Must-see locations include Santa Cruz’s Balkanji Bari, Santa Cruz Vashi, Andheri, and RK Mission in Khar.

Final Words
In Gujarat, it’s normal to see bright lights, colorful draperies, and calm folk music playing in the background. Now online gift delivery in Bangalore is also possible, and even you can send gifts to India from the USA to celebrate all the big upcoming festivals. This is particularly true during the Navratri season. Gujarat also adopts a new façade when day turns to night, one that swiftly shifts from covert deception to apparent excess, leaving you flustered. Anklets making a modest background noise at the beginning of the night soon give way to loud vibrations of traditional music expertly blended with modern melodies. Even though Gujarat celebrates Navratris with the most zeal during the nine-day holiday, all of India does so with great enthusiasm.

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