Meditech vs. Kareo EHR Software: Pricing & Feature Comparison – 2022

Meditech vs. Kareo EHR Software

Electronic Health Records, or EHRs, are vital to the success of any healthcare network, practice, or organization. Physicians rely on these medical software – which include electronic medical records (EMR), practice management (PM), and medical billing functionalities – to streamline and oversee all their operations. EHR software also have the potential for increasing the interoperability between patient health data and practices while preserving information confidentiality and patient privacy. However, the market proliferation of these tools has created excessive complexity when it comes to choosing the most suitable solution for one’s organization.

It’s prudent for a healthcare provider to want to evaluate the features as well as the cost structure of an EHR application before committing to installing it. With that in mind, we have compared two of the top health IT tools on the market to help make your search for the right platform a little easier. Let’s take a look at the side-by-side comparison of Meditech vs. Kareo EHR software.

Meditech vs. Kareo: An Overview

Meditech is an all-inclusive electronic health records system designed to improve the quality of physicians’ interactions with patients. The platform is packed with all the basics that clinicians need – practice management features, billing, telehealth, patient portal, e-prescriptions, reporting dashboard, and scheduling. It enables providers to protect patient data, reduce administrative burdens, and maintain communication with patients. Healthcare facilities of all sizes rely on it to handle their day-to-day tasks and reduce the administrative grunt work. Further, the HIPAA-compliant software provides ongoing visibility into operational efficiency and lets doctors stay on top of patient needs. Book Meditech EHR demo to get a visual walkthrough of the application’s functionalities. 

Kareo is a highly user-friendly medical software solution that’s best suited for small healthcare practices. The program includes a comprehensive patient portal, dashboard, telehealth capabilities, and workflow automation tools to streamline day-to-day practice tasks. Its comprehensive features help organizations increase productivity – in addition to ensuring a hassle-free user experience. Moreover, it streamlines billing for clinics by automating various processes, including insurance eligibility verification, compliance tracking, and claims submission. Book Kareo EMR demo if you want to explore the software’s features in real-time.  

A Comparison of Features

Meditech and Kareo EHR are two user-friendly medical software applications that offer robust features to help physicians optimize workflow efficiency and improve patient care. However, there are a few distinct differences in their features, which you should consider before finalizing your decision between the two products.

Salient Features of Meditech EHR
Meditech EHR reviews suggest that the software provider offers robust features for improved patient engagement and workflow automation – including:

Interoperability: The application enables a seamless flow of data between multiple health IT systems for greater efficiency and accuracy. Providers can use its one-touch record system to exchange orders and share clinical data with acute hospitals.

Patient Portal: Patients can participate more actively throughout their care process using an integrated portal; it allows them to request prescription refills, communicate with physicians, access lab results, and more. This feature also supports collaboration with other healthcare experts, clinical staff members, and more.

Revenue Cycle Management: It offers a comprehensive suite of revenue cycle management solutions and analytics to streamline billing and analyze health facility performance.

Data Documentation: Healthcare providers can quickly document a patient’s data while spending more time focusing on patients. The EHR program automates the data entry grunt work, enabling users to repeat previous notes with just a single click.

Population Health: The software improves individual health outcomes and analyzes health trends by collecting and comparing medical data from multiple patients.

Salient Features of Kareo EHR
Kareo Clinical EHR offers all of the features physicians look for in a quality medical software to boost operational efficiency, streamline day-to-day practice tasks, and improve patient care – including:

E-Prescribing: This EMR platform streamlines the entire e-prescribing process for medical practitioners. It connects seamlessly with pharmacies to reduce errors and delays in prescription handling. In addition to this, the application gives instant access to a patient’s medication history to avoid any potential drug interactions.

Secure Messaging: Kareo EHR reviews confirm that the software facilitates secure communication between patients and providers, as well as allows clinicians to collaborate with other health professionals quickly using the portal.

Flexible Calendar: The health IT tool comes with a flexible calendar that customizes schedules and manages important patient communications for both staff scheduling and patient appointments. Schedule Kareo EHR demo to learn more about this feature.

Billing Tools: The billing suite included in this EHR platform quickly captures charges, automates payment reminders, and auto-generates patient statements to improve a practice’s medical billing process. Further, it allows clinicians to follow up on patient statements via the Patient Collect tool’s text statements, email, postal mail, and payment reminders.

Agenda Overview: Providers can complete visibility of their work processes at a glance, highlighting any tasks or items that require immediate attention.

Pricing Comparison

  • The details for Meditech EMR pricing plans are not disclosed publicly. To obtain pricing information, you have to get in touch with the vendor.
  • The basic Kareo EHR pricing plan is billed at $125 per provider per month, with the vendor providing flexible cost plans that are suitable for small practices.

To End

There’s no one-size-fits-all winner in the Meditech vs. Kareo question. Both are quality medical software solutions that offer robust patient engagement and workflow automation features. They boast extensive capabilities and are lauded for their reporting, clinical documentation, patient health record management, e-prescribing, and billing functionalities. On the surface, they both look pretty similar as well; however, they each serve different audience segments and have unique strengths and weaknesses.

While Meditech is a viable option for healthcare facilities of all sizes, Kareo Clinical EHR is only suitable for independent medical practices. 

We highly recommend that you try product demos and read up multiple user reviews before finalizing your decision

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