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Cybercrimes in the UAE

The increase in the number of cybercrimes and their impact on individuals has given rise to the need for new laws that deal with cybercrimes. Federal Decree-Law No. 34 of 2021 of the UAE deals with rumors and cybercrimes and came into effect on 2 January 2022. The new law handles issues related to the abuse of online technology. These issues include but are not limited to hacking, impersonation, and misuse of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency. The penalties imposed on cybercrimes as per the previous law are increased under the new law. These penalties include both criminal and financial penalties.

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The law mainly deals with the use of information, specifically websites that are created to hack, attack or tamper with IT systems and government data. These websites are also used to disseminate false information or information that is not in line with the interests and security of the UAE. Furthermore, the law also deals with offenses related to online technology such as:

  • Distribution of false data via robots
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Data tampering
  • Creating and uploading illegal content
  • Blackmailing
  • Slandering
  • Offending a country or religion
  • Creating fake electronic documents
  • Advertising misleading information
  • Raising funds without proper licenses
  • Online transfer or possession of illegal funds

Usually, cybercrimes result in revealing personal information about a victim that may or may not be true. The perpetrators of such crimes understand the sensitivity of such a situation and rely on the victims trying to keep the issue hidden from even close friends and family members.

It is usually advisable to consult a good lawyer in such cases as soon as possible. Understanding cybercrimes is not easy for everyone and understanding the laws related to cybercrimes is even more difficult. A victim of cybercrime should consult a lawyer so that the situation can be handled properly in a way that the impact can be minimized and the perpetrator can be stopped before causing serious problems for the victim. The new law covers all types of cybercrimes but time plays a critical role in such crimes, therefore, legal action should be taken promptly.


The UAE regulates medical products and equipment through multiple laws and has strict rules and regulations regarding their manufacturing, export, import, marketing, promotion, advertisement, and sales. To understand the legalities surrounding the trade and marketing of medical products, it is usually advisable to consult a lawyer who knows the necessary licenses and authorizations.

Any medical product that does not have the proper licenses and authorizations cannot be traded, used, or marketed in the UAE. If an individual or business is found trading or marketing a medical product that is not properly licensed and authorized, that individual or business is liable to strict penalties including fines and imprisonment.

The UAE has separate Laws and regulations regarding the marketing of medical products and proper authorization is needed for the marketing of the medical products as well as all aspects of marketing including promotion and follow-up. Furthermore, the marketing and selling of unlicensed medical products online result in additional penalties. Considering the cybercrime laws in the UAE, the marketing and selling of unlicensed medical products using online technology becomes a double offense.

Apart from unauthorized medical products, fake or falsified medical products are strictly prohibited in the UAE and there are various laws and regulations to ensure the authenticity of medical products in the UAE.

Falsified medical products include all those medical products that provide wrong information, imitate other products, or defraud people. Furthermore, changing the volume or quantity of the substances that are a part of the product also makes a medical product falsified. Any medical product that can mislead the user of the product in any way is considered a falsified medical product.

If an individual or business is found trading or marketing a falsified medical product, the individual or business is liable to strict penalties and may even get their license canceled.

A good lawyer understands the legal requirements surrounding the manufacturing, trading, and marketing of medical products and can guide the process in such a way that there are no legal issues in the short term as well as the long term.

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