Keep Your Kitchen Clean With Drying Racks, Dip Trays, and More

Drying Racks

When there are too many dishes for the dishwasher to handle, we look for dish racks that not only fulfill their basic functions but also include extra features that make life in the kitchen simpler.

1. Dish Racks

Organization is key in any kitchen, and dish racks provide one effective means of doing just that. Unlike traditional countertop draining boards or towels that trap moisture and promote bacteria growth, dish racks allow your utensils to air dry naturally without additional cleaning efforts or the risk of foodborne illness – saving counter space in the process! They’re also an excellent option for those wanting to reduce counterclutter.

There are various styles of dish racks to select from ( including over-the-sink metal racks and wall-mounted versions. Your decision will depend on your kitchen layout, sink size, and available storage space as well as personal preference. When looking for an over-the-sink dish rack upgrade, one with additional features for organizing utensils and wine glasses may be ideal. 

When selecting a dish rack, look for models with raised ribs or corners designed to effectively direct excess water back into the sink without creating puddles on your countertop. This feature is particularly important if you plan to place your rack near where splashes may occur.

Featuring raised ribs to protect utensils from puddles as well as an adjustable drainage spout to drain excess water back into your sink without creating an unsightly mess on your counter, many affordable brands may offer you items that are more “best bang for your buck”, but make sure you read all the reviews first.

2. Utensil Holders

Even if your kitchen features a dishwasher, having a dish rack is still essential if you manually wash some of your dinnerware and cookware. Dish racks showcase your utensils and cooking tools at arm’s length while you prepare food, saving valuable countertop space by eliminating drawers or cabinets to locate what you need.

There are various styles of utensil holders to suit any decor style – select one that resonates with you! A contemporary copper holder adds an industrial feel, while marble designs exude understated elegance for modern or farmhouse settings. Stainless steel holders provide a convenient yet effective means of organizing and storing tools while wooden holders bring natural warmth into any kitchen space.

Over-the-Sink Metal Racks Over-the-sink dish racks are an excellent solution for those with limited counter space. These versatile racks can be placed over your sink, next to the stove, or any wall where there’s extra room in your kitchen. Some models feature feet for easier movement while others are secured using suction cups.

These sturdy, breathable dish racks feature multiple compartments for drying plates and other cookware and slots for utensils. But other options may include – a roll up dish drying rack over the sink as a drainer, or similar things. Some models even come equipped with a swivel spout that directs its flow to not pool on countertops or become trapped between plates and pans.

Utensil Holders

3. Drip Trays

Kitchen dish racks can be an effective way to keep dishes dry, but they can become even more valuable by taking advantage of space beneath the bottom cabinets and using them as extra storage for items like kitchen towels and sponges.

DIY dish racks are an easy and efficient way to organize small items that don’t fit neatly into drawers, such as cleaning cloths and disinfectant sprays. Mounted on the wall near your sink, they also simplify accessing items you need when washing dishes.

To create a more traditional feel in your kitchen, try installing an over-the-sink metal rack to store clean dishes. This option is great for people without much countertop space as it makes washing and drying dishes much simpler. A stylish Scandinavian-style steel model from Yamazaki with hooks for wine glasses gives an added dose of style to this arrangement.

Foldable portable dish racks offer another convenient solution for apartment dwellers or those without much counter space who still require a place to put the dishes they wash and dry. Most are constructed from stainless steel which makes this type of rack easy to keep looking great and clean up quickly after each use.

Some dish racks feature built-in drip trays for those who would rather avoid dealing with dripping water. But if you would rather add your own, there are numerous kitchen trays designed to work with any dish rack you might own.

Making your DIY version could be beneficial if you don’t have enough counter space for a large dish rack. All it takes is an old metal wire basket and some bins from the dollar store along with some masking tape to seal off its edges so it doesn’t leak water spots behind when opening and closing it.

4. Cutting Boards

Even when using a dishwasher, it’s still necessary to hand wash and dry dishes when necessary – these kitchen cutting boards make this task easy! Plus they keep counters clear.

If space is at a premium, a stackable wire basket might be just what’s needed to dry your dishes effectively. Not only will it take up less countertop space than an over-the-sink version but it can hold more. Plus, you can stack multiple baskets together for a larger storage capacity.

Dish racks come in all forms and sizes, but certain varieties stand out. A stainless-steel model that comes equipped with multiple compartments to dry dinner plates, mugs, and bowls on one side while silverware and utensils are stored on the other is one such choice; another may be a plant-based bioplastic (PLA) rack that’s moisture, odor, and heat resistant – two options that stand out.

Yamazaki offers a small but powerful over-the-sink metal rack that fits most conventional sinks with one bowl, such as those found in our Kitchen Appliances Lab. We conducted rigorous tests of this simple yet sturdy rack in our Kitchen Appliances Lab and found it easily accommodated our Dutch oven, plates, cups, and coffee pot without issue. While more costly than its Brabantia and OXO counterparts, its features more than makeup for its additional price.

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