Kareri Lake Trek is a wonderful place to spend your vacation

Kareri Lake Trek


The road to Kareri Lake winds through lush subtropical pine forests. Cheer and chilgoza pines, as well as a variety of broad-leaf species, cover the woods. They also have a dense population of fowl life, which is visible.


  • The woods give way to rough fields along the lake in the final half of the path, which is overseen by Nylund nallah, who serves as both guide and energising companion. Pines and bushes dot the forest floor. The lake is icy and dangerously close to the snow line. All of this contributes to the visible progression of vegetation zones with height along this path.
  • Kareri Lake journey is a beautiful end-of-week experience for those seeking alternatives to more well-known Himachal trails such as Kheerganga, Prashar Lake, Triund, and so on. With a few campgrounds along the trail and convenient food options, this is an excellent beginner-level DIY trail for adventurers.
  • Kareri Lake is a fantastic day trip. You’ll know how to plan the trip and explore the path if you’ve been on a few trips before. That is not to say that first-timers cannot make the trip. Regardless, if you’re a first-time traveller, the process of planning a trip without the help of others can be overwhelming. You won’t have to worry about travelling with your family or a companion. In such cases, we have several extraordinary trips available to you.
  • If you have a few extra days, Beas Kund is an excellent choice. The journey begins in Solang, approximately an hour’s drive from Manali. This makes it easy to open. This is an excellent first-time trip, with breathtaking views of Manali’s highest peaks. You will also be near the Pir Panjal Range.

What is the best way to get to Kaveri Village?

The town is approximately 27 kilometres from Dharamsala, and taxis are readily available from Dharamsala, Bir, Palampur, and other important bases. You can make contact with the local guides, who are mountain experts.

Some quick details about the journey

  • The main portion of the journey is from Kareri to Riot. It takes about 7 hours to travel the distance if you are reasonably fit. The Nylund River will assist you in organising here; this stretch is generally a tonne of steps laid by locals for comfort. The first night of your journey will be spent camping in Riot
  • There are no accommodation options at Kareri Lake; for the time being, you can either stay in Rioti or bring appropriate gear and set up a shelter by the lake. Remember that the lake is too cold for comfort, and you should return to town.
  • Start early on both days to get a head start while still having the option of returning to one of the towns.
  • Always travel with a neighbourhood manager or coordinator because the journey can be dangerous in certain stretches, and experience will be your saviour here.

A visit to Triund isn’t the only worthwhile option in the vicinity of Dharamsala and Mcleodganj. A trip to Kareri Lake is ideal if you want to go on a trip that isn’t yet on Instagram and sees only the most enthusiastic travellers and explorers. While it is a well-known name among Dharamsala residents who visit Kareri Village, the journey has figured out how to avoid the glare of touristy eyes. It’s surprising if you ask me because Mcleodganj is one of Delhi’s most popular weekend getaways. 

Kareri Lake is usually frozen from late November to March, but except for a heavy rainstorm, you can visit Kareri Lake at any time of year.

Despite its proximity to a town known for its summer traffic, the Kareri Lake journey is more spectacular than you can imagine! The journey through Kareri Village and pine timberland areremanageably difficult. There is a Forest Rest House in town, as well as a few houses selling basic luxuries; some of these houses also offer offices for a night or more.


1 Day

Dharamkot Kareri Village |  Beautiful snow-capped mountains surround you.

A representative will greet you at Kaneri and give you a brief overview of the entire tour.

After meeting your tour leader and other visitors, begin your journey to the nearby village of Kaneri.

When you arrive in Dharamkot and meet up with the rest of the group, go to Kareri village.

Meet the people of the Gaddi tribe from Kareri village.

Spend the night at Kareri Village in a tent or a homestay.

2 day

Karen Lake Trek | Walk through dense oak, rhododendron, and pine forests.

Begin early in the morning, following a filling breakfast.

The route will take you from Kareri Village to Reoti Base Camp and then to the lake.

On a rainy day, the path to Reoti’s lake becomes too slick to walk on.

The trail starts flat and then climbs steeply along the Kareri Nullah Stream, crossing several bridges.

Consider the perfect glacial elliptical lake surrounded by nature’s splendour, with its subtropical forests and alpine grass.

Climb a nearby hill and visit the temple at the top for a better view of the lake.

After a while, you’ll return to the Reoti Base Camp for a campfire.

Spend the night at the Reoti Basic Camp.

3 Day

Travel to Mcleodganj and return with a bag full of life’s full memories.

Begin your journey to Mcleodganj after breakfast at the campsite.

Reach Mcleodganj for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to cap off an unforgettable journey.

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