Individual & Group Fitness Classes for Fast-Paced Living—What Will Work for You?

Fitness Classes

So, you’ve decided to work on your fitness and are pondering whether individualised training would be better than group fitness classes. If you have a busy lifestyle, you don’t want to waste time on activities that won’t benefit you in the long run, right? 

There are several factors that would influence which option is best for you, which we’ll cover in this article. 

Group Fitness Classes vs Individualised Training Classes

Many people have a high-paced lifestyle, which means working out usually ends up taking a back seat. But if you find a type of exercise appropriate for your personal preferences and lifestyle, you’re more likely to stick to it. Do your research before you commit, so you can increase your chances of seeing it through. 

There is a big difference between group fitness classes and individual classes, and your personality type and fitness goals need to line up with what the exercise session offers you. Here’s how these two options can impact you:

  • Personality: If you have an outgoing personality and love being among people, you will surely find group fitness classes much more enjoyable than the introverted personality type would. Also, when training a group, a trainer won’t focus on one person at a time, but on the group. This would be ideal if you’re shy or not very confident and prefer to be in the background. 
  • Goals: Individual classes and personal trainers might be better for you if strength training and weight loss are your goals. If improving your fitness level is your goal, a group fitness class might work well. Group fitness instructors work with a group of people with similar goals in mind. 
  • Need for support: If you’ve taken the first step to committing to an exercise regime, you’re already halfway there! However, seeing it all the way through will take a lot of dedication, and this can be achieved so much easier when you have a good support system, such as other group members. 

How Do I Know Which One Would Be Best for Me? 

Similar to socialising, exercising in a group has proven to be very beneficial. A study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association indicated that being part of a group can reduce stress by 26% and improve emotional and mental health. 

Still, when choosing which type of class would be best for you, you need to consider what type of environment you wish to work out in.

Furthermore, decide what type of background you would like your coach to have. Individual and group trainers often undergo different types of training. The biggest difference between a group fitness instructor and a personal trainer is that a personal trainer focuses only on you, while a group fitness instructor focuses on the whole group. This means you won’t get the one-on-one approach you would get from a personal trainer. 

Main Benefits of Individual Classes

With individual training, a coach will offer you personal exercise programs that suit your particular needs. Personal trainers are often beneficial to beginners because they can teach you the correct posture and how to get the best out of your training session.

Main Benefits of Group Fitness Classes 

Apart from group fitness classes being advantageous to your mental and emotional health, group fitness classes are also very affordable and offer a wide range of exercise options, such as Zumba and high-intensity interval training. This can prevent boredom and you can still tailor your exercise to your needs, even if your trainer doesn’t provide you with a personalised exercise plan. 

With exercises such as HIIT, you can burn 25-30% more calories than weightlifting or running, so a group class can still help you reach fitness goals in a short period of time.

The top 5 benefits of group fitness classes that make it so alluring are:

  • Affordability
  • Find motivation and inspiration from others around you
  • Be part of a community, so you don’t feel isolated while chasing fitness goals
  • Adds variety to your workouts so you don’t quit because of boredom
  • A booked spot holds you accountable and you’ll show up so you don’t let others down who need you for support

Final Thoughts 

Now that you have all the facts on what options are available, it should be much easier for you to decide which route to take.  

There is no right or wrong way for you to reach your fitness goals. Whether you decide to go with group fitness classes or a personal trainer, you need to go with what works best for you and your lifestyle. 

Remember, you are doing it to be a better version of the person you were yesterday! Stay focused and motivated and you’ll thank yourself a few months from now!

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