How to locate wholesale crystal suppliers in 2022


You’ve made the decision to start selling crystals online, and you’re now looking for wholesale crystal suppliers. If I do say so myself, that’s a great choice.

More and more individuals are purchasing online as internet retail gains popularity. Additionally, there has never been more demand in the market for healing crystals.

In addition, you can now host and promote your business on affordable, accessible platforms like Etsy and Shopify.

Developing connections with wholesale crystal suppliers will be crucial to your success.

It might be challenging to start since wholesalers have so many options to choose from.

The majority of the wholesalers you’ll want to engage with if you’re in the United States are located abroad. If you don’t already have a business license, you’ll need to browse worldwide to get crystals at wholesale costs.

In order to purchase crystals that you have never had in your hands or seen with your own eyes, you must place your confidence in a company operating halfway across the globe and invest your starting money.

Therefore, you may be wondering: 

How can I locate reliable vendors that provide premium crystals at reasonable prices?

Here’s a brutally honest piece of advice: you must do your own research if you want to succeed in this industry!

Get the contact details of the vendors I use in this list of wholesale crystal suppliers quickly.

the ideal starting points

The finest locations to locate supplies for crystal stores are listed below. I understand that buying crystals from the same websites you regularly frequent could seem too straightforward.

Unbelievably, this is where I began, and it’s also where other home-based internet crystal enterprises locate their reliable suppliers. Both for us and for you, it is effective.


Google’s classic A successful crystal company may be built by starting with Google. Look for terms like “crystal supplier,” “wholesale crystals,” “crystal mine Brazil,” and others.


Join communities where vendors advertise their newest products for buyers and dealers of crystals, such as All About the Rocks and Crystals and Stones Wholesale. Additionally, you may make direct purchases from vendors using Facebook Live streaming broadcasts.


On Instagram, several vendors also conduct daily live sales. To identify and follow Instagram providers, use hashtags like #crystalliveshow, #crystalsupplier, and #wholesalecrystals. Create alerts so that you are informed once your preferred vendors become online.

e-commerce sites like eBay and Etsy

Search for crystals in bulk, wholesale, or flats to locate wholesale suppliers. (A flat is a predetermined number of specimens packaged in a box.)

You can discover all the supplies you need to start your company with these publicly accessible websites, but it does require some perseverance.

entice crystal wholesalers to visit you

There isn’t a single database of suppliers to use. Additionally, there is only so much time you can spend looking through social network profiles and search results. Soliciting suppliers directly should be an element of your sourcing strategy.

Your email will be flooded with inquiries from vendors who want to collaborate with you if you just do this one thing.

Click to visit for any guidelines or information.

Create a profile on Instagram for your crystal store.

Yes, that is all. Just:

Open an Instagram account using the name and logo of your business.

Like and comment on the photographs of further crystal stores that you follow.

Include hashtags like #crystalshop in your posts when you share images of crystals you’ve previously found or from your own collection.

Wholesalers will quickly begin following your Instagram. They will identify themselves as wholesalers or retailers of crystal in their biographies. Images of the things in their inventory will be shown on their feeds. To get rates and place an order, send them a direct message or wait till they become online.

Of course, you should investigate these suppliers using:

Considering the length of time they have been in operation, looking through their post comments for client feedback, and, if they have one, browsing their website

Make sure they accept PayPal for payment since PayPal will protect you as a buyer, requesting specific images and measurements of your claims, and making sure they do so

This is a terrific way to locate suppliers offering crystals of excellent quality at reasonable wholesale costs.

See What to look for in a wholesale crystal supplier on my blog for additional details regarding probable supplier red flags.

To conclude

You can discover all the wholesale suppliers you need for your crystal business by using Google, online marketplaces, and social media, but it will take some time and some trial and error.

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