How Long does Punika Take Lost Ark?

How Long does Punika Take Lost Ark

Punika is back again. What she needs to do now is get the famous Golden Ark from the Pharaoh’s tomb, but how long does Punika take Lost Ark? We know that Punika has been locked up in a cell in the Pharaoh’s palace and got released by a magic key given to her by a cobra. The next time we see her, she has fallen through a trap door into a chamber filled with snakes and scorpions. The final time we see her, she is climbing out of an underground tunnel just as the rising sun strikes it with rays of light and reveals hieroglyphics carved on its side. Soon afterwards, the High Priest of Memphis uses his powers to locate where she went after fleeing from him earlier and he goes there for revenge. So how long does Punika take Lost Ark?

When is Punika Back?

This is the first question that might have popped up in your mind after reading the title of this article. However, this is an important factor to be kept in mind while reading this article. Punika was captured by the Pharaoh’s men from the Valley of the Kings, which is in the west of the Nile River. Punika had come to the Valley of the Kings to find the Golden Ark that was supposed to contain the remains of the two sons of the Pharaoh who had died in a fire as children. The Valley of the Kings is on the west bank of the Nile and Punika is captured just as she was about to cross the river on a boat. So it makes sense to assume that Punika has to travel some distance to get to the Valley of the Kings.

How Long does Punika Take Lost Ark

How long does Punka take to find the Ark?

After Punika has fallen into the underground tunnel, she crawls through it until she finds a secret door. After opening it and entering another chamber, she finds a large door. This door is the entrance to the Pharaoh’s tomb, which is where the Golden Ark is kept. Only a few people know that this tomb exists as it is hidden under the desert sand. After going through the secret door and entering the chamber that leads to the tomb, Punika is startled to find out that the tomb has been opened and is under construction. Punika figures that the tomb has been opened because of the rising sun. T

he sun is due to rise in a few hours at this point in the story and Punika knows that it will shine directly into the tomb. So Punika has to hurry to get the Golden Ark because it will be too late once the sun shines into the tomb.

How long does it take for the High Priest to find Punika?

The High Priest figures out where Punika has gone after using his powers and he goes there for revenge. He follows her and reaches the entrance to the tomb just as the sun is about to rise. Punika has just entered the tomb and is looking for the Golden Ark when she hears the door open. She turns around to find the High Priest walking towards her and she quickly hides. The High Priest enters the tomb and walks to the Golden Ark. He opens it and finds a false bottom. Punika has taken the Golden Ark and placed it under the false bottom, just as she was supposed to do. Punika had been warned earlier by another person in the tomb to put the Golden Ark under the false bottom because the High Priest would know that it is there if he found it open.

What happens when the High Priest finds Punika?

The High Priest is surprised to find a snake inside the false bottom. He is more surprised to find out that the snake is talking and acting like a person. This is because the snake is actually Punika in disguise. After the High Priest figures out who the snake really is, he tries to kill her. However, Punika turns into a cobra and escapes from the tomb.

Final Words

We know that the sun rises in the east and that it shines in the west. This means that the sun shines in the desert sand and the sand glows. And the desert sand is about 100 feet deep. So Punika has to dig through 100 feet of sand to get to the Golden Ark. The Golden Ark is made out of wood and Punika has to dig deep enough to get to the wooden Golden Ark. The Golden Ark is kept in a cupboard in the tomb and Punika has to crawl through 100 feet of sand to get to it. She has to dig it out of the sand and then take it back to the entrance of the tomb, which is a long distance away.

After Punika has taken the Golden Ark, she has to avoid the High Priest, who is looking for her. And she has to get out of the desert sand, which is a difficult enough task, even when one is not running away from an angry High Priest. At this point in the story, Punika has to do all these things and she has to do them quickly, because the rising sun is due to shine into the tomb in a few minutes.

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