Hats for Men: What Do You Need to Know about Different Styles to Boost Your Fashion Sense?


Occupational, social, practical, and decorative – are some reasons why men prefer wearing hats. During the first days of introduction, men used to wear hats purely for functional purposes such as protecting their eyes and face from rain, sun, snow, and wind. 

However, over time, the design and functionality of the men’s hats have evolved. Nowadays, many women purchase hats not only to reap their functional benefits but to showcase their style and fashion sense. tattoo numbing cream

As men have different tastes, there are also different types of hats available in the market. The hats can be distinguished as per their crowns, shape, materials, brims, and intended use. 

When you know about the different types of hats, you will be able to purchase the perfect one. In this article, we will discuss different types of men’s hats that would undoubtedly enhance your personality and fashion statement. 

Panama Hats 

Contrary to the name, these hats did not come from Panama. Instead, the Panama hats originated from Ecuador. The Panama hats were first introduced in the 1850s when the Ecuadorian hatters moved to Panama for their trade. 

The Panama hats are made of Toquilla straw that is harvested from a specific plant known as Carludovica Palamata, which grows on the Ecuadorian Coast. The manufacturers manipulate the straw with the help of blocking and weaving techniques. The Panama hats are extremely breathable and lightweight. Additionally, they are perfect for tropical climate conditions. 

Panama hats feature medium crowns that are creased in various ways to satisfy the requirement of the wearer. They also feature a wide brim as well as a fabric hat band that helps them sit comfortably on the head. 

Fedora Hats

Fedora hats are one of the most popular hats you can find in the market. This is because fedora hats are the primary choice for most men who want to pair the hats with both formal and informal outfits. The fedora hats feature an angled brim that is less than two and a half inches. Fedora hats feature three pinches, one on the top and the other two on each side of the crown. The pinches are something that makes the men’s fedora hats stand apart from the crowd. 

The common materials for the fedora hats are cashmere, wool, beaver felt, and rabbit felt. Many manufacturers also use leather, hemp, and cotton. It doesn’t matter which material you choose for the fedora hats, make sure you always consider the climate condition. 

Straw Hats 

The straw hats are one of the most traditional hats you can find in the market. If you look at history, you will notice that the straw hats have stood the test of time. Back in the days when straw hats were introduced, most Western Men and Women started wearing straw hats to boost their appearance. Even though straw hats are gender-neutral, modern straw hats are worn by men most of the time. 

There are various designs and styles of straw hats that are specifically made for men only. This is why these straw hats will look good when men pair them with formal and informal outfits. Make sure you consider the size and style while purchasing the straw hats. As they come in different colors, choose something as per the weather condition and your outfit. 

Trilby Hats

The appearance of the trilby hats is almost identical to the fedora hats. This is why many men face problems while choosing the trilby hats. However, unlike the fedoras, the trilby hats feature a shorter crown and a narrower brim. 

Traditionally, manufacturers use rabbit hair felt to craft the trilby hats. Nowadays, you can find modern trilby hats made of various other materials such as cotton, tweed, straw, and wool. As per Ontario Sheep, wool fibers are elastic.  

Due to the shorter crown, the trilby hats gained popularity in 1965. This time men were shifting from the tall crown hats. 

Bowler Hats 

The bowler hats, also famous as derby hats, are hard-felt hats that feature a bowl-shaped crown. The brims of the bowler hats are not only narrow but also curled upwards tightly. 

The bowler hats originated from London. If you’re planning to purchase bowler hats, make sure you consider the fitting and sizing. 

Most bowler hats should be paired with formal outfits. Even if you do want to pair the bowler hats with informal outfits, consider wearing simple jeans and shirts. 

Homburg Hats 

The homburg hats are another popular vintage hat you should choose. The homburg hats are one of the most common felt hats for men that feature a medium crown. The crease of the homburg hat is lengthwise. The brim of these hats is flat and medium, slightly curled. Keep in mind that these hats will fail to provide superior sun protection. 


These are the different types of hats you need to know. Do you have any other queries? Make sure you comment below to let us know.

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James Vines