Garage Door Safety: 4 Ways to Avoid Issues and Potential Injuries


Though the list of things in your home that can cause bodily harm may seem limited to kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, and medication, you’ll need to add garage doors to that list.

While a garage door may seem like a simple way to keep your home safe and secure, improper use can lead to bodily harm and, in extreme cases, fatalities.

If you’re looking to ensure garage door safety on your property, you’ll want to keep reading. You’ll discover how to ensure this is a safe area in your home.

1. Frequent Inspection

One of the most essential ways to protect yourself and others from harm caused by a garage door is to inspect it frequently. This helps ensure all parts are working as intended, preventing you from a negligent injury.

If you notice something is causing your door to operate improperly, you’ll want to take time to research why that is and how to fix it. This includes the wheels, springs, and garage door safety sensor.

For example, you may search “garage door not opening” on the internet, helping you discover that it could be off the track or that the remote needs to be reset.

2. Keep Out of Reach of Children

Another easy way to prevent accidents and injuries caused by garage doors is to keep openers and remotes out of the reach of children. Unfortunately, many children will play with the door, trying to slide in and out before it closes. This leads to injury and, in some cases, death.

Keeping the garage door opener away from children and ensuring the door is locked when not in use can prevent children from playing with the door. Also, remind children about the risks involved with making a game out of a heavy garage door.

3. Watch Your Fingers

It goes without saying that there are many opportunities to pinch or injure your fingers when using a garage door. Because they operate on tracks, you want to ensure your hands and fingers are away from the wheels and other mechanisms when opening.

Also, avoid opening the door by grabbing from the bottom of the panels.

4. Keep the Code and Remote Secure

Though not directly related to injury caused by a garage door, ensuring you prioritize safety and secrecy when it comes to your garage door remote and code is essential.

Prevent giving your code to anyone who may let it slip or unknowingly tell someone else. This can lead to break-ins, damage to your property, and injury if thieves enter your home. You can also elect to frequently change your code to deter unwanted guests from accessing your home.

Prioritize Garage Door Safety

Though it may not seem important, garage door safety can help prevent needless injuries from occurring on your property.

If you’re ready to ensure you have a safe garage on your property, thanks to the help of this guide, you’ll want to check out the rest of our website. There, you’ll find more home and real estate tips and tricks.

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