Fast Food Delivery Solution Software in Saudi Arabia


If you’re looking for fast food delivery solution software, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve examined Carrefour, aPurple, Lugmety, and Clickoot to give you an idea of the types of software you can use to meet the needs of the fast food industry in the Kingdom.


Clickoot is a leading provider of fast food delivery solution software in Saudi Arabia. The country is one of the most digitalized nations in the world, with over 72.8 percent of the population having smart mobile devices. With an Apps penetration rate of 11.3 percent, the market is a gold mine for startups and food delivery solutions.

The Food Delivery Management System helps restaurants provide food ordering services to their customers. It offers a simple and hassle-free ordering process and guarantees fast food delivery. The system also supports flexible payment processing options. Restaurants and food delivery service providers can use Clickoot’s system to expand their customer base and provide a hassle-free customer experience.


The global food delivery marketplace has changed significantly in recent years, spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the increase in home delivery businesses. Traditionally, consumers placed orders over the phone, but online ordering is quickly gaining popularity, offering customers greater choices, discounts, and payment options. Companies such as Talabat, an eCommerce company in Saudi Arabia, offer fast food home delivery and online ordering.

The HungerStation app is one of the most popular home delivery apps in the Saudi market, with more than 1 million downloads and counting. It not only delivers food, but also groceries, cosmetics, and personal hygiene items. It works around the clock and allows users to place and schedule orders in advance. In addition, the app allows users to track their orders.

Quick Commerce is an important feature for any restaurant looking to succeed in Saudi Arabia. The majority of the population is young and digitally savvy, making it necessary for restaurants to develop a strong online presence. For instance, linking online ordering platforms to social media can help drive higher sales from first-time visitors. Furthermore, social media can also be used to share restaurant reviews and receive detailed feedback from customers.

The Saudi Arabian market is growing quickly, and food delivery apps are rapidly catching on. The country is home to the world’s third-largest smartphone population. The population is also highly mobile, with 72.8 percent of its population using smart mobile devices. The country’s App market is rich with food ordering and delivery software.


The Clickoot food delivery solution software has been designed to help restaurants and fast food chains operate in Saudi Arabia. The application enables the delivery of food and beverages directly to the customers. It supports more than 10,000 restaurants and covers more than 65% of the country. The platform supports web ordering and can also be accessed via iOS and Android mobile applications.

This solution is designed for restaurants in Saudi Arabia, where the population is young and highly digitized. By implementing a food delivery solution, restaurants can increase sales by leveraging the power of social media and online ordering platforms. Linking online ordering platforms to social media sites can drive higher sales, especially from first-time customers. First-time customers are eager to leave detailed feedback and reviews, which can lead to more sales.

Another fast food delivery solution for the Kingdom is the HungerStation app. It enables users to order food, grocery items, and other products from one single app. The app also allows users to track their orders. The app is available in three Saudi Arabian cities: Khobar, Riyadh, and Riyadh.

The HungerStation home delivery app allows customers to place an order from the comfort of their homes. It also controls inventory and other restaurant features. The app allows users to place orders in advance or place them on the fly. The app also allows users to modify prices, schedule deliveries, and more.


In Saudi Arabia, the popularity of third-party fast food delivery system is surging. Even though they are supposed to increase sales, they also hurt restaurant profits. The reason behind this is simple: these apps charge restaurants between 10-20% of each sale. Moreover, the fees are rising every day. As a result, many restaurants are struggling to remain profitable. Some have even gone out of business. To counter these pressures, some companies have started offering quick eCommerce solutions.

Clickoot is the best in this race as it provides a multi-solution portal and several applications dedicated to each end user to help restaurants build their own delivery system to manage and automate their orders and deliveries. With each integration, the restaurant will get a User Application, Rider Application, Restaurant Application for the landing of orders, and multiple portals to manage the overall system!

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