Family-Friendly Activities To Bond This Fall


The mild days and chilly nights of autumn make this season a wonderful time to spend time together as a family, indoors or out. Read on for four great ways to share meaningful moments with your nearest and dearest this fall.

Around the Dinner Table

Some of the best family bonding is done around the dinner table, where everyone can laugh, share memories, and enjoy a tasty supper. Eating out is a treat, but nothing beats feeling cozy and connected over a delicious meal at home. By ordering delivery, you’ll spend less time prepping your feast and more time enjoying it.

If you’re feeding a large brood with different tastes and preferences, take advantage of mix & match food deals to save money and order items sure to please everyone. Include desserts and beverages in your delivery so the whole meal is taken care of.

Picnic at the Park

Parks are perfect gathering spots for multi-generation families. Your kids will love burning off energy on the playground jungle gym, while your parents are sure to enjoy catching a nap underneath a shady tree. To make the most of your day in the park, why not plan a picnic instead of heading back home to cook?

Prepare and pack sandwiches and salads that are easy to serve outside, or make your picnic even simpler to manage by ordering from a deli shop or picking up some pizzas on your way. Just bring along disposable plates, cups, and utensils for quick cleanup.

Game Night

If you can only spare time at the end of the day for family bonding, having a game night is a fun way to reconnect. From classic board games to cards to charades, try out different activities to see what your brood likes best. Then put regular fun nights on the family calendar so everyone can plan to be there.

To keep the fun flowing while you’re in the middle of your games, try ordering food ahead so you don’t have to drop everything to fix a meal. Place your order online in advance, and it’ll be delivered right when you schedule it.

Fall Harvest

When you’re lucky enough to live near farmlands, there are few activities more fun than getting your family together to help in the autumn harvest. Some farms offer additional amusements like hayrides, corn mazes, or carnival games for added excitement.

Whether you pick veggies for pickling, apples for pie making, or pumpkins for carving, spending time together in an orchard or field builds a lifetime of memories. You can serve up your pickings when you get home, or order out and then enjoy your bounty another day.

Whether it’s savoring a meal around the dinner table or at a park picnic, playing fun games, or picking fresh produce at a local harvest, there are plenty of ways to bond with your brood this fall. To maximize fun time and minimize fuss, hop online to find family pizza discounts and place your order today.

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