Valo Health Receives $110 Million In Funding From Koch Disruptive Technologies

bostonbased valo health 300m seriesmccoy wichita

Valo Health is a digital healthcare company that focuses on data-driven solutions for diabetes management. The new funding by the company will be used to further their innovations in artificial intelligence and remote monitoring of patients, especially those with Type 2 Diabetes. Valo Health operates through a series of programs designed to help patients manage their diabetes better and reduce long-term complications associated with the disease. The company believes this investment will allow them to grow their footprint faster and expand into more markets. By combining data science and artificial intelligence, they are able to monitor patients remotely on a regular basis and provide interventions before dangerous complications develop. Read more>

What is Valo Health?

bostonbased valo health 300m seriesmccoy wichita

Valo Health is a digital healthcare company that is transforming the way Type 2 Diabetes is managed. Diabetes is the fastest-growing chronic disease in North America, with more than 30% of adults estimated to have prediabetes. We are focused on three primary areas to improve outcomes and lower healthcare costs for diabetes patients: digital engagement, remote monitoring, and continuous coaching.

What does Valo Health do?

Digital Engagement: Building a strong foundation for behaviour change is critical for patients to succeed on their diabetes journey. Valo Health uses digital engagement tools such as a mobile app, artificial intelligence-driven chatbot, and a web portal to help patients self-monitor and stay motivated. Valo Health’s chatbot is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and is available on the web and within the mobile app. The chatbot is able to learn from its conversations with patients, which allows it to become even more helpful over time. Remote Monitoring: One of the biggest challenges in managing diabetes is re-starting treatment after a patient has been diagnosed. Valo Health’s remote monitoring program can be accessed from the web or with the Valo Health mobile app. Patients can start monitoring themselves with just one button click and no finger prick required. Continuous Coaching: Once a patient has been monitored for a few weeks, the AI system will come to understand their unique health patterns. The system will start suggesting simple, personalized actions that a patient can take each day to better manage their diabetes. Continuous coaching also helps patients achieve their short-term and long-term goals, such as learning how to self-manage blood sugar levels or lose weight.

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Why is remote monitoring important?

Physicians have traditionally stressed the importance of frequent blood glucose testing to help patients manage their diabetes. But the reality is that many patients struggle to maintain a healthy testing schedule. They may skip testing due to a lack of time, discomfort with testing and an anxiousness about the results. Remote monitoring allows patients to test themselves at their own convenience and without having to visit a lab. It also reduces the risk of infection from repeated testing and removes the anxiety associated with testing.


Valo Health is bringing together artificial intelligence and remote monitoring to help people with Type 2 Diabetes manage the disease. This is particularly important for those who are at high risk of complications, who have trouble managing their blood glucose levels, or who struggle to follow their prescribed treatment plan. This investment shows that the investment community believes that AI can be successfully used in clinical settings and will help to transform the lives of millions of people living with T2 Diabetes.

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