Best party theme ideas for siblings

Best party theme ideas for siblings

There are five of us. And although that would typically entail hosting five birthday celebrations a year, I can’t bring myself to. We have three birthdays: one in March, two in June, and two in September. To reduce the difficulty of hosting so many, we normally cram joint birthday celebrations into the schedule. And I’m delighted to say that despite having a mix of boys and girls and significant age gaps, we’ve always had successfully combined celebrations! Our June birthdays are shared by Sam and Jack, who are five years apart. Our September birthdays are Lucy and Alex, who are five years apart. We’ve always thrown them joint birthday celebrations. And we did throw a sizable celebration for all five kids at once one year. I’m going to explain how we consistently have a successful sibling birthday party for those of you who are thinking that sounds like a lot of work.

Prepare a list of their preferences for the surprise birthday celebration.

Your sibling or sister’s preferences and dislikes are the one thing you must note for the surprise birthday celebration. As a result, this will assist you in selecting the party’s theme and organizing some of the festivities. And if you need more suggestions for the party planning, you can get in touch with their pals.

Families are Welcome

I’ve decided against throwing “friends only” parties. I find it much simpler to invite the whole family because each parent will be responsible for their children. Yes, the cost of food, supplies, and treats is slightly more. But in the long term, it will be well worth it to relieve me of the burden of “babysitting” all of their pals.

Great Food Must Be included

If you’re wondering how to have a successful sibling birthday party, having a fantastic food spread is a requirement. And perhaps most importantly, EAT ENOUGH! The main dish ran out at the gathering where we went lately. That is not what you want to happen! But even though I advise you to serve a fantastic spread of food, it needn’t be challenging. This year, we’ll celebrate our siblings’ birthdays in June with:

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Organize a surprise birthday celebration in

Your home or their preferred restaurant can be the setting for a surprise birthday suggestion for your brother or sister. Understanding their preferences will help you decide on the decorations and themes you can use. If you decide to host the surprise party at your house, you are free to use as much decor as you like. Additionally, decorate in keeping with the motif you’ve selected. For instance, you may choose decorations that represent the color of your sibling’s preferred superheroes if they like superheroes. For a comic book feel, add eye masks to all the balloons. However, if your sibling has been longing for a beach getaway, you may bring the beach inside by giving the room a Hawaiian flair by adorning it with foliage and exotic fruits. If your sister’s or brother’s birthday surprise plans don’t call for any specific decorations, you can always use simple balloons and ribbons or make your decorations.

Plan a surprise birthday celebration cake

Without a birthday cake, your surprise birthday ideas for your sibling would fall short. Consequently, you can get a cake corresponding to the surprise birthday party’s theme. Or buy them a cake with their preferred frosting. Therefore, you can put a moniker people call when they taunt them or use a funny photo from their youth to embarrass them slightly.

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Game of Hinglish Songs

One of our favorite surprises for birthday parties is this game. The first step in this game is to compile a list of fifteen Hindi songs with English translations of the first lines. The weather’s rain, for instance, or the rain’s water (Yeh Mausam ki baarish, yeh baarish ka paani). Give each player a copy of this list. Therefore, the winner is the person who properly recognizes the most songs. Look for birthday flowers online.


The longest-lasting relationship we will ever have is with our siblings. They have a much larger impact on our early and adult lives than is typically recognized; they mold our past and character. According to the psychotherapists Vivienne Lewin and Belinda Sharp’s book Siblings In Development, “siblings are not only the parents’ second children; they have a fundamental relevance in their own right.” Sibling relationships are permanently ingrained in our psyches.

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