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Tommy Kono turned 91 years old. A Google Doodle created by Los Angeles-based artist Shanti Ruttgers commemorated Tommy’s special day “.  While he was rehabilitating from rheumatic fever, he lifted weights. He won eight national titles, four world titles, and two Olympic gold medals. From 1952 to 1960, he was an athlete who held seven world records.

Upon retiring from competitive sports. As a weightlifting coach, he continued to train athletes. It was under Tommy’s leadership that the United States won its first world championship in 1966. Also, for his support for civil rights, he was inducted into the IWF Hall of Fame in 1988. In his long career as an athlete and in his personal life. Success has become synonymous with Tommy Kono. In weightlifting, Tommy Kono will always be remembered.

A Japanese-born child

A camp in the interior of California housed Tommy and his family during World War II. There was nothing else to do but exercise during this time, so Tommy got into weightlifting. Weightlifting was Tommy’s passion. After rising through the ranks of the US national team by 1952, Tommy Kono stats became a vital member of the team. He won two gold medals at the Olympics (1952 and 1956). Besides winning four world championships, he also won the Olympic gold medal. Between 1952 and 1960, he won eight national championships. Besides his illustrious athletic career, Tommy also held seven world records.

On his YouTube channel, you can see him demonstrate strength, endurance, and focus! In addition, he was an excellent weightlifter. His role model status inspired many athletes to follow in his footsteps. Generations to come will benefit from his legacy.

Mentor of great value

A serious injury forced Tommy to withdraw from the competition. Too to coaching and mentoring, he remained active in weightlifting. Besides. It has been my privilege to mentor numerous Olympic medalists. Also to athletics, Tommy’s influence extends beyond the world of sports. Tommy kono pr distinguished career spanned a long time. As a result of his advocacy for civil rights.

Athletes such as him deserve recognition for their achievements. Those who are true American heroes like him deserve their rightful place in history, and his legacy must never be forgotten. His place in sports history is unquestionable.

Legacy that endures

Weightlifting will always be synonymous with tommy kono in color . In honor of him, Google created a Doodle to celebrate his legacy. Despite his age, Tommy continues to have an enormous impact on society and sports. The qualities that make Tommy a legend go beyond his athletic achievements. The commitment he made to civil rights advancement will inspire future athletes.  Throughout the weightlifting community, Tommy Kono’s story will always inspire. 

Kono won many Olympic medals

In 1952, Helsinki played host to the Summer Olympics. During his weightlifting competition,the tommy kono story broke a world record. In 1956, at the Melbourne Olympics. The second gold medal Kono won at the Olympics.  At the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Kono won a silver medal in the middleweight division.  In the years after he retired, Kono became Mexico’s national weightlifting coach. There are many records of the set and medals he won that still stand today.   In addition to inspiring athletes, he championed civil rights. In the weightlifting world, Tommy Kono will always be an iconic figure.

Tommy Kono, How Much Did he lift?

The weightlifter Tommy Kono had a special gift for lifting weights.  Between 1952 and 1960, he enjoyed an illustrious career. There were 37 American records, eight Pan American records, seven Olympic records, and 26 world records that he broke.  Snatch, clean, and jerk lifts totaled 407 kilograms. His 1952 record was the world’s best.  In 1956, Kono won his second gold medal at the Summer Olympics in Melbourne with a total lift of 420 kg.

 His impressive lifts made him an iconic figure in weightlifting and made him one of the best of all time. Tommy kono doodle 91st birthday is celebrated this week with this doodle tribute illustration. Sport and society are honored by his immense contributions.  Weightlifting will never be the same without Tommy Kono.


Tommy Kono was born on June 17th, 1930, in Sacramento, California.  Having been inspired by a magazine article about John Davis, he began weightlifting at the age of 16. U.S. weightlifter who won its first Olympic gold medal.  He rose to the top of the ranks as a result of his commitment to training.  With his impressive lifts, he became a legend of weightlifting.  The Mexican national weightlifting coach was Kono’s role after his retirement.

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