5 Ways to Make Fitness a Priority During Business Travels

Business Travels

Maintaining physical activity during business travels is vital for professionals. The benefits of exercise remain well-documented, especially for entrepreneurs, executives, and sales teams. 

Even if you haven’t achieved management status yet, physical activity helps you improve brain activity, health, and confidence.

Fitness is a state of health. It focuses on the physical side, but you can contribute to it further by also eating well. 

Most professionals who travel for business can attest that trips disrupt good habits. For example, it’s not easy to eat clean on the go. Instead, you might have to settle for salads from fast food chains or the grocery section of retailers.

Therefore, making fitness a priority during trips requires commitment. To help raise your commitment to good health, we outline five ways to make fitness a priority during business travels.

1. Pack Exercise Clothing

Professionals must efficiently pack for the road. It’s best to pack carry-ons to cut down your time at the airport. However, make exercise clothing part of the essentials that you pack per trip.

To make it easy, pack one exercise outfit. Then, wash it at the hotel. Packing fitness shoes is a good idea anyway. Since many are fashionable, you can walk in them during travel. 

Then, packing them might motivate you to go for walks. 

Ideally, your company will book you at a property that has a fitness center. Otherwise, it will reside near a park or shopping mall where you can walk. Your goal is to find ways to fit exercise into your itinerary, even if you can only complete 15 minutes of workout of the day like these daily. 

2. Develop a Routine

Even though you find yourself on the road, keep a routine. It helps you stay centered and might help you overcome jet lag, feeling homesick, or becoming stressed.

Your itinerary dictates your day. For example, you might eat breakfast earlier or later than usual. Then, you might not have time to relax until late at night, and it will throw off your bedtime routine.

When you cannot follow your routine, find blocks of time to complete elements of it. You might complete daily tasks out of order, but completing them anyway will give you a sense of normalcy, including finding time to participate in physical exercise. 

3. Find the Fitness Center

Hotels have figured out that the corporate travel sector is valuable. Therefore, they have made adjustments to cater to this group. Hotels have added coworking spaces, additional room amenities, and fitness centers.

After checking in to your room, take a tour of the property if it’s your first time staying there. Make it a point to find the fitness center.

Most hotels have basic equipment and machines, such as weight machines, yoga mats, and treadmills. You don’t need much more to complete 30 minutes of physical activity on the property during your stay.

4. Pick Workouts of the Day

Some people avoid exercising because they don’t know where to start. For several years, individuals picked up workout DVDs. Once things went digital, individuals started finding online workout videos, apps, and classes.

Subscribing to a platform gives you access to programs that outline daily exercise sessions. They change the targeted muscle groups to work out the whole body. 

Plus, you might look for routines that help you battle jet lag, tiredness, or anxiety. During corporate trips, remain at your best by sleeping enough, eating well, and boosting your brain. Exercise helps brain function, wellness, and vitality. 

5. Find a Buddy

Finding a buddy to exercise with helps you make fitness a priority. You’ll hold each other accountable and feel better after a session. 

Your exercise buddy might not travel with you. However, you can schedule appointments with them and use video platforms or FaceTime to exercise together. 

The population is more connected than ever. Therefore, use the internet and technology to your advantage. Smartphones and video platforms have several uses that go beyond meeting with colleagues. 


Making fitness a priority benefits business professionals. It also helps you stay centered during travels. Remember to pack an exercise outfit and shoes. Then, find the fitness center at your hotel. Otherwise, find ways to incorporate physical activity into your itinerary. In a pinch, walk for 30 minutes daily.

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